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Hello, and thank you for clicking my thread!

I’ll cut to the chase. I’m looking for a simple vehicle system. I need for it to be extremely efficient and produce as little lag as possible, since it’ll be used on a large map. It should have an engine start-up sound, an engine off sound, and a looped engine running sound. Lights that turn on when the engine starts, rear lights when backing up, and all lights turn off on engine stop. I’d like for it to have suspension since the map is very lumpy. The controls should be simple WASD. I’m hoping for a chassis that can be modified, and have a bodykit fit over top of it that welds on.

If anyone is interested in working with me to make this system, just respond below with any questions or message me privately about it. Price is negotiable, but I’m expecting to pay somewhere above $80.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Might need a bit more than $80 for anyone to be interested in this to be honest. Working with sounds is kinda problematic with cars, and also suspension systems can get extremely complex.


Thanks for the suggestion! How much would you recommend?

I haven’t done anything with vehicles before so I don’t know how much work goes into it.

I’d have to see what you mean by the map being “lumpy” because that will put into consideration of how complex the suspension system would have to be. I’ve made fairly simple cars here, and have worked on making cars that have tail-lights that light up when you’re on the brakes. I’d say I could easily manage to do a majority of the things you want the car to do, but ultimately the sound would be somewhat problematic for me (more than likely I’d have to go source it from somewhere) and one of the major issues with how I make cars is that you don’t just stuff your body on it like you might with A-Chassis or Inspare does.

As far as getting to something closer to A-Chassis & Inspare, I have no clue how much that’d be worth, but I know it’d wind up more than $80 by a fair bit.

I know @WingItMan offered to sell me a Chassis a while back though, and so did @Fahedgt5. Unsure if either would be interested in making one for you with some of the more complex things you want.

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You know its funny, but I recently started trying to make a tutorial on how to create a simple chassis using the constraints, but I don’t have much time for editing anymore so it’ll either take too long to be relevant or I’ll end up forgetting.

However I do have an older version of my current chassis somewhere which, is not great but you would be able to learn from.

I’ll try and post a free model tomorrow sometime.

Send me a message in case I forget.

Found it, here’s the V1 and V2 models I first created.
@ChadTheCreator @GeorgeOfAIITrades

VehicleSystemV1 and V2.rbxm (19.9 KB)


The image below is how lumpy the map is, there’s a bunch of large sand dunes. Also what is A-Chassis or Inspare?

A-Chassis & Inspare are free model chassises.

A-Chassis was made from someone who worked on Inspare, however they have their differences between them. A primary issue with both of them is that they are widely recognized, so if you care about not having free models, you’ll surely get called for it. And also, they have some kinda annoying UIs that can’t be turned off easily without breaking the car. Probably the worst thing for you though, is that they aren’t very easy to tune. Takes some time of just changing random things to get the right settings, because they wanted a “realistic” approach of having to tune the gearbox, power curves, and more.

They’ll get the job done though.

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I guess I’ll have to use the A-Chassis or Inspare then, I haven’t gotten any offers for a separate system yet. I appreciate the help!

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No problem. They’re solid if you’re not particularly going for a driving game tbh. If driving is just like a source of travel, it’ll be fine. (And free!)

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Oh god. A little off topic here, but if I was working with someone on vehicles whose first thoughts were “gearboxes” and “power curves” I would probably abandon the project…

The chassis were made by the Tuner community. Sort of your street racing and drifter type of folks. They also have this strange thing in the community where they ask people who own random scenic places, typically skateboarding places, if they can “have a slot.” What they’re asking is for the owner to purchase one of their models and give them admin in the game so they can insert their car and park it around the map for pictures and “car meets.”

TL;DR They don’t care because it’s all about “realism” but they don’t need to tune them because they just use the cars for show.

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