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About Me

Hello everyone! I’m MrSprinkleToes. I joined Roblox January of 2014 and have been playing ever since.
I began developing on Roblox some time around 2016. Ever since then, I’ve continued to practice and learn as much as I can.
I consider my skills in building to not be terrible, however I’d say I am definitely a lot better at programming. I’ve tried several times at creating a game, however I find I am quick to get distracted, and as a result I abandon projects to work on others. For this reason, I believe working in a team would motivate me to focus on one project and to put others on the back-burner.


  • You can view several small projects of mine, many of which are not finished on my profile:

  • My most recent project is a simple Lua highlighter and executor game: Code Editor - Roblox

  • Another recent project of mine is a simple (unfinished) game which was meant to be a racing game where you controlled a ball and raced around a track. Currently you can control a ball and hit speed boosts: Ball - Roblox

  • Finally, here is another notable project of mine which is more “finished” than the others. I decided to try working on something a bit smaller and less ambitious than most of my previous projects. In this game you control a simple little triangle, moving up and down, and you shoot at the incoming enemy triangles. Each enemy you hit scores you a point, and the game ends once an enemy reaches the planet you are defending. You can view it here: 2d / 3d game - Roblox

Screenshots of some of my projects


Feel free to contact me, however I will likely not respond immediately if I am busy at the time. I try to respond to everyone though!


Prices can be determined based on what you need me to do. I accept either Robux or USD.


Thanks for taking the time to read through my portfolio! :wink:

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