Programmer open for commissions[closed]

About Me:

Hello my name is DaKrazyK. I am a programmer on Roblox and I have over 3 years of experience. This is my first time doing commissions so for that reason I am only accepting simpler/smaller projects(you can ask if you don’t know whether it will be to complicated).


I am usually on between 5pm - 12pm(MDT)


I currently am not charging but I would appreciate a payment either via group funds or developer products.


I would prefer if you would contact me through the dev forum however I do have Discord.

Thanks for considering

Is better you say what you can make, a person can think that something is simple, but you don’t think the same.

I’ll start working on doing that.

Can you make me a simple stay alive and flex your time system? I don’t need any shop or quest system. Just do what you can! :wink:

What do you mean by a stay alive and flex system?

a game like this: 🎃 stay alive and flex your time on others - Roblox

I see what you mean I’ll work on that after I’m done my other commission.

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Sorry if you have lots on your plate but is that ok if you could make my airplane seat reclinable please with an Animation GUI?

I’ll see if I have time tomorrow if I do I’ll consider it.

I will start working on this now I assume you want a top time?

yes please! Do what you can do!

I finished it how should I send it?

Hello, I am interested in your work, however I’m not home for a few hours, so If you could give me your Discord tag for later, that would be great!

I’m not back home for 3 hours anyway I’ll send mine when I get back.
My discord is: DaKrazyK#8627

Added you on Discord, look forward to working with you now!

You can send it to me either in a download or make a game and share it with me by giving me edit access. To do the second one, friend me!