Programmer Searching For A Small/Big Job (Not Looking To Be Hired)

I am not looking to be hired at the moment hence why the title says so, sorry!

About Me

Hello guys! I am a programmer as you may know from the group I am in. I love to help out the community here and love to script many things that involve Guis or currency. I am an intermediate programmer you could say working my way up to become an advanced programmer. I know how to make many things and have made a helpful tutorial you can check out in the showcase. I have been programming for about 2 years now and am the owner of the group Bacon Craft, starting to make a game that I hope gets popular.


Here is the tutorial I had made for every developer: How To Make A Random Map Picker

Here is a game I made with my skills: Bacon Escape

Things I am able to do

  • About everything Gui related
  • Datastore
  • Anything related to a currency system
  • round-based system (intermission)
  • feedback system
  • Shop system
  • Character animations a little bit
  • and much more


I am available for 1-3 hours on the weekends, but only a maximum of 1 on weekdays due to school.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset, but my payment method must be in :robux:. To add on, I will only accept Group payouts or you can buy an asset, but you must pay at least most of the tax if you buy an asset.

Per Asset

This is how I liked to be paid, but if you would rather hourly, then I recommend being payed about 600-1.2K robux an hour depending on what I do (AGAIN, PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!).

  • character animations: 50-100 :robux:
  • currency system [no datastore]: 100-200 :robux:
  • currency system [with datastore]: 150-250 :robux:
  • Gamepass/robux shop: 200-300 :robux:
  • Shop System[small, items don’t save]: 200-400 :robux:
  • Code Gui system: 300-500 :robux:
  • Shop System[big, items don’t save]: 300-500 :robux:
  • feedback system: 300-600 :robux:
  • Shop System[small, items save]: 400-600 :robux:
  • Shop System[big, items save]: 500-800 :robux:
  • round-based system, including loading random maps: 800-1.2K :robux:
  • simulator structure[kind of limited to what I can do]: 1.5K-3K :robux:

combinations of scripts can lead to special deals like feedback system, gamepass/robux shop, and round-based system would be a total of 1.1K-2K :robux:

Extra note for shops, if they are enormous, meaning 20+ items, then the price will keep raising.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, but will explain most things via Discord: BaconNosity#6730

Extra Things I Can Do

I am also able to animate and rig custom characters you have made, I am not the best at animation, but I am descent. Payment on this would be discussed in discord.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Nice portfolio but the availability isn’t great.

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I realize that, I am sorry, but I can’t really do anything about it because school takes up a lot of my time. As for weekends I will usually be more on the 3 hour side, but I will do what I can for someone.

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Update discord? Wasn’t able to add you.

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Update discord name?? It’s not working for mr

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I am not looking to be hired right now, sorry. That is why it says (Not Looking To Be Hired) in the title.

But thanks for the heads up! Let me update my discord and try to make it more clear that I am not looking to be hired at the moment.

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