Programmer with 7 years of experience for hire

About Me

Specializing in Roblox game development and programming, as a software engineer with 7 years of experience on the platform, I started in 2016, embracing a jack-of-all-trades approach while advancing my programming skills. Throughout my career, I’ve contributed to many popular Roblox games, collaborating within diverse teams to ensure polished, user-friendly, engaging, and most importantly, fun experiences. Committed to my personal growth, I am constantly seeking to expand my skills and knowledge. I thrive in collaborative environments where mutual learning, support, and teamwork are valued, prioritizing staying up-to-date with new technologies and embracing continuous learning.

Work History

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Evil Company

In Evil Company, players are tasked with resource scavenging, survival, and successful expedition completion on an abandoned moon base.

My most notable accomplishments:

  • Daily Rewards UI providing rewards for daily check-ins after set intervals
    Health bar UI effectively displays the current health status using a dynamic bar and color-change
  • Scanner UI highlights valuable scraps within a range, with information of their name and worth
  • Custom Inventory / Hotbar system allowing players to seamlessly pick up and drop items
  • Tasks UI let players track separate tasks, monitor progress, and reward for each completion

Block Buster

In Block Buster, a player is chosen at random to become the Destroyer, using a slingshot to launch various projectiles at a tower of Jenga-style stacking blocks, while the Survivors must skillfully run, dodge and hide to survive each round.

My most notable accomplishments:

  • A precise slingshot aiming and power adjustment mechanism for Mouse, Keyboard, and Touch input
  • Designing a round system that manages intermission, round start logic, round end logic, and a countdown timer
    Implementing a restricted play area that automatically respawns players when they go out of bounds
  • Creating a custom weight system that enables control over the mass of each Jenga tower block
  • Establishing a system for collecting player feedback and channeling it to Discord

Time Attack!

In Time Attack!, hiders use perks to outwit seekers, annoy them with emotes and survive as long as they can. While seekers can use perks to help them catch hiders, stun them with their selected weapon of choice and finish them off with satisfying animations.

My accomplishments:

  • all user interface, such as the HUD, inventory, store, settings, etc
  • all gameplay, such as hit direction, finishers, perks, emotes, etc
  • all sound and visual effects
  • all of the server-side systems, such as saving via data stores, handling robux purchases, the main round loop, etc
  • all of the internal utilities, such as our networking module, character spawner, player join and leaver wrappers, etc
  • placing and implement all of the assets from artists, modelers, and designers into the game
  • polishing and tweaking all aspects of the game to make it feel great
  • Sound Sprite System: one audio file with a collection of sound effects
  • UI input detection library which handles mouse and touch events more elegantly than the built-in events do

OP Ninja Simulator

In OP Ninja Simulator, players train to gain stats and reach milestones to progress further into the game and become the strong ninja of either Yin or Yang clan.

My most notable accomplishments:

  • An “honor” stat which would be awarded or deducted according to kills and deaths
  • Effects, animations, hit detection, and critical hit calculations for both melee and ranged weapons
  • Filters and sanity checks for cheat prevention as part of weapon hit detection

Lifting Simulator

In Lifting Simulator, players train to gain muscle mass, sell it and buy upgrades to become the strongest bodybuilder and dominate all players in the game.

My most notable accomplishments:

  • Implemented game-wide leaderboards for the top 1000 players using data stores
  • Tracked player stats as they played to align them with Hero or Villian teams
  • Implemented consumable products and timed products

Super Power Training Simulator

In Super Power Training Simulator , players train to increase various stats and complete quests to unlock abilities, ultimately to become the most powerful super hero or super villain in the game.

My most notable accomplishments:

  • Tied into the default chat system to implement private server commands such as banning and toggling PvP
  • Handled user controls and camera manipulation to create satisfying attacks
  • Implemented developer product handling as part of game monetization and item gifting


Custom Libraries

  • GUI Handler Module



  • Roblox Specific:

    • Server - Client network model, Network Ownership
    • CFrame math, CSG, Inverse kinematic
    • Touch device support through StreamingEnabled, Level of detail
    • Datastore, Ordered datastore Memory stores, Messaging service
    • Parallel Luau, Type checking
  • Programming Languages:

    • Proficient in Luau, Lua
    • Intermediate in Python, Swift, PowerShell
    • Learning GDScript, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, C++, C
  • Software: Roblox Studio, VS Code, Rojo, GitHub, Audacity, Paint NET, Unity, UEFN, Godot

  • Tools: TestEz, Promise, Maid / Janitor

  • Test Driven Development and Quality Assurance


  • Computer Science, Software Engineering, Game Development, Game Design, Psychology


  • I don’t have a fixed time period of work, I work until assigned tasks are done for the day, working 4 days a week

Work preference:

  • I can be either
    • A senior programmer supervising, providing guidance and feedback for other team members
    • Sole programmer of a new project


  • Industry standard software engineer pay with $45 - $55 USD hourly rate of payment. via bank transfer with a percentage of group fund


  • You can contact me here on the Developer Forum

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