[Programmer/UI Design/ Builder] for hire! (short term, long term, commissions)

Hello there reader,

My name is Letris, I’m a Canadian developer who likes to hide behind the warmth of his computer during the cold winters, and have a huge passion for game development.
I have over 6 years of experience with Roblox studio, and strive to learn more and become better with each and every project.
I specialize in the programming side of game development, but am more than capable with UI design, modeling and managing large-scale projects.

Examples of work

  • experimenting with Roblox’s VR API

  • a prototype of NPC’s completing a heist for the player

Building examples

  • Sci-Fi City

  • low poly city map

  • map for a birds eye view stealth game

  • Sci-fi gun

UI Work

  • Character Selection UI

  • Profile menu

  • Thumbnail

What I do best

  • OOP (object orientated programming)
  • Databases
  • General game-play scripts
  • UI programming
  • gun systems
  • Map building
  • weapons (high detail)
  • low poly assets
  • basic UI menus (mainly using Roblox’s UI features)

Why choose me?
Im available 5 days of the week, from sunrise to sundown.
Im committed to creating the highest quality for my clients, and will push my boundaries to excel.
I have great management skills, and wont get lost with high workloads.
I care more about the quality of my work and exceeding clients expectations, rather than rush my work just for payment.
I’m very flexible, and will always be open to new challenges when presented.

payment will be discussed and based on the work required. I usually ask for 50% upfront and 50% when the work is done, or 100% when the work is done. For long term projects, payment plans must be discussed.

The quickest way to reach me is through discord @ unholy seagul#3016
please link this portfolio when contacting me.

Thank you so much for viewing my portfolio, and hope we can work together to make something great!