Programming Ligatures in Studio

Notice: This tutorial is made primarily for Windows users. I am not sure of whether or not it will work on Mac


You ever wish you could have cool, combined symbols in studio, like this:

Well luckily you can! These symbols are called ligatures and can be found in specific font packs. The font used above is called Fira Code, but there are many other fonts with ligatures similar to the ones above if you don’t like the one I’m using.

How do I do it?

Step 1: Find your font

There are many fonts that can be found that have commonly used programming ligatures. For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll be using Fira Code. I will include a list of a few different ligatures along with pictures below to help you find your style easier.

Step 2: Install your font

Once you have found and downloaded your font, unzip it to anywhere you like, and then right-click on whichever one(s) you want to install. Click on the Install button and install the font to your computer.

Step 3: Assign your font to your Studio IDE

Now that the font is installed to your computer, you have to set studio to use it in the coding IDE. To do this, go to File > Settings.
Then under the Studio section, scroll down to Script Editor and click your current Font. Find the name of whatever font you installed and press OK.

Step 4: Get Coding(profit)

Now that the font is set, all you have to do is code regularly! Just start typing your code and the font will take care of the ligatures for you. Happy coding!

Common Fonts with Programming Ligatures

Fira Code - (

Monoid - (

Iosevka - (

(Pictures for different types found at

DejaVu Sans Code - (


Oh hey I use Fira Code in VSCode and Visual Studio already :o

Good font.

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One day I seen a screenshot of someone’s code in Visual Studio and wondered what font they were using but I wasn’t able to contact the person so I did some google searching for a bit and discovered it was Fira Mono. I applied it to Roblox Studio but it just didnt have the same effect I was looking for, until you made this post and shown me Fira Code. Thank you!

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This might possibly be the worst thing I’ve ever seen. But now I kinda want to try it.


Even adds a bit of style to your name. :smiley:


Cool looking font, even with the 1337 color scheme in vs code

VS Code

Roblox Studio

Is it me or is it that Studio has smoother fonts than VSC

and I may have installed it just because of how mad this font looks
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As a Mac User I can confirm you can download custom fonts (although they’ll need opening in finder, and being installed as a font) and then going into settings as described, and changing your default font.

Having said that, Courier Neu is objectively the best font

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