Programming Pricing

Can anyone give me some suggestions regarding how much I should price my scripting commissions? I’m just looking for some different opinions to help me get a general idea for how much I should price my scripting commissions.

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For a single script that’s about 500 lines, id say 3k.

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for what i could reccomend is

lines of code ÷ 4 × 2 (or 3)

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So you would sell 1000 lines for 500 robux?

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Why use a formula? Pricing should be based on difficulty of the task and not the mere length of the code.


Not only that, but also its general adaptability and customization. It is up to you to know how much your time is worth. If potential clients do not want to take your offer, do not bother wasting your time.

I can make code to have as many lines as possible, it would be plainly dumb to quantify it that way.

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Thank you, I’ve now changed my pricing to my demand and time value.


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