Programming Slides & Waterparks


I’m trying to accomplish a nice slide feature for a waterpark I’m creating.
I tried using velocity, lookvector and no friction but the player doesn’t move. Only parts with lower weight. The player doesn’t move at all which is very different from how I used to make slides on Roblox.

Ideally I’d love to have a slide feature like this one. Would anyone know how I could go about making this happen? Any advice or pointers would be gratefully appreciated. This is the only feature in the game I can’t figure out and it’s the main one. I’m mostly a builder and musician but I have quite a bit of coding background.

Reference game:


You could create a pose for when the player will slide on the slide via the animation editor and when the player is in that pose, you have to set the friction of the slide as low as possible to get a sliding effect. When it comes to using velocity, this is very iffy and depends on your slide, if the character needs a boost, just add a ghost part somewhere along the slide and when the character touches that part, set the velocity of the Humanoid Root Part, but you would have to do some tests so that you won’t generate a “fake” motion kind of feel.


I actually did that and it works great but only for regular parts. Humanoids are super buggy and don’t react well to it.


Have you tried setting platform stand to true?


Would this be in the humanoid?

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Yes, Humanoid.PlatformStand = true


Literally solved all my issues. Thank you SO much!

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