Programming Tools - A plugin that codes for you

Programming Tools

Hey everyone! Programming Tools is a plugin that… codes for you. The purpose of this plugin is so that anyone can add interactive content to their game. It is not meant as a tool for lazy people. One good use for this would be for builders who want to add some interactive content to their builds.

One of the few obstacles left before publishing the plugin is content. I need the help of other developers to code all of the triggers and actions. You can contribute here.



For those of you who are wondering, here is a basic demonstration of how the core works:

Want to contribute? Feel free to do so here:


This looks nice, I think this will be very good plugin for people that dont know how to code!

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This is a great idea! However it restricts players from learning scripts without understanding it.
If you are able to make it as large as possible with tons and tons of possibilities with a tutorial, then I’m interested. Else, it’s doing without understanding.


This is super cool! Rather than trying to program all the events manually, you’d be better off parsing an API dump. One can be found here, but there are loads and a different one may suit your purposes better.

One word of caution: Make sure you keep the scope of this small (i.e if that then this, and maybe some loops or whatever), you don’t want to accidentally task yourself with making a visual programming language, or make something so complex you need to learn it.

Good luck!!

I dunno, I think that would be pretty cool.

I actually am looking to have a visual concept of this. The reason I do not want to just use the API dump is because this isn’t supposed to be a replacement for scripting, it is meant to be a resource to help beginners understand.

For example, MouseButton1Click is nothing like when I do it manually and it comes out as “GuiButton Clicked”, etc. The criteria this plugin is targeted to is not advanced scripters.


I plan to add a visual concept and tutorials in the future.

Please keep us updated! As a solo developer/terrain designer, this is something that I could very-much utilize on an almost daily basis! I would love to see how this progresses, and eventually ends up! Great idea to me, and for those who are avid builders, and don’t really have the time to learn how to script themselves. :slight_smile:

I remember when I first began scripting on the platform I wonder if a plugin like this existed. I’m kind of excited to see that such a thing now finally exists. While I won’t personally use the plugin, it’s a great tool for others to quickly add little bits of code that are needed, and could help save time in certain aspects of programming, without being a ‘do it all for me’ thing.

Wow thats amazing! Please continue thats pretty interesting for the community and im pretty sure people would pay tons of money for that!

I don’t think anyone refutes that it’d be really cool, he just means the work load would be pretty insane

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Yeah this is what I was getting at

This is absolutely amazing. However, I suggest you display the code on the side so the user could learn from it.

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This is really cool. I don’t see this being used as a learning tool, and I definitely don’t see this being comparable to scripting, but this has a serious potential as a resource for developers who are inexperienced with programming. I know of plenty of developers who simply aren’t interested enough in coding to sit down and really learn how to script. I think giving those developers an avenue to set up something simple without a scripting background would be–in many cases–an invaluable service.

Good luck!

Just redesigned the plugin!

Im Making An Obby Game And Im Not A Good Scripter. This Plugin Would Really Help Me A Lot In The Development. Will It Cost Robux?

Unfortunately, it will most likely cost 99 robux due to the tremendous work it took to create the plugin.

This is pretty interesting, like when I saw the title ‘A Plugin that codes for you’ I wasn’t sure if that was actually possible but I feel this could work really well and could help a lot of beginner devs who aren’t familiar with coding. And yes it sure would need a lot of work, I hope you could make this possible good luck!

You know. I will probobably buy it!
It will really help me so how about buying it.

This can be beneficial to builders who are trying to add a little something extra to their builds and don’t know how to code yet. I understand others arguments about it being “doing without understanding.” So it would be cool to be able to see what code is being written for you. Overall, great idea.