Progress bar between part A and part B calucation

I’m making an IFE for an airline and one of the features I wanted to add is a progress bar on how close the airplane is to the destination.

The issue I’m having is the position of the plane on the UI. I have got the percentage part right which ranges from 0 to 1. The thing I don’t know how to do now is to calculate the position on the UI.

I have tried to get the Positions of both UIs and find the magnitude between the UIs.

local DistanceBetween = (DestinationAriport.Position - StartingAirport.Position).Magnitude
local DistanceBetweenUI = (Menu.Airplanescene.END.AbsolutePosition - Menu.Airplanescene.START.AbsolutePosition).Magnitude

function PLanePositionLogic()
	local PlayerDistance = (Player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position - StartingAirport.Position).Magnitude
	local Percentage = math.clamp((PlayerDistance / DistanceBetween),0,1)
	PlaneIcon.Position = / DistanceBetweenUI ,0,0,0)



If this is within a frame then the X Scale is already on a 0-1 scale. You would only have to do,0,0,0)

The X scale is not 0-1 though. The end X Value is 0.257 and the starting X value is 0.095

You can use lerp if you want to. Lerping is very common and using a variable called “t” (a 0-1 var) you can choose between 2 values.

Formula: t*(b-a)+a

Implementation: Percentage*(0.257-0.095)+0.095


Absolute genius, this worked perfectly! Thank you so much.

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The X scale is 0-1, you are looking at absolute values which do not matter as the UI will automatically translate the UDim Scale into what ever size is needed.


In this sample if you set Frame.Plane.Position =,0,0.5,0) you will get the results you want.

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