Progress on 3rd person shooter

Inspired by weaponry and R2DA I tried to make something similar to r2da gun system. I’ve been trying to make it as smooth as possible so you can’t notice the delay between the client and the server. I realized I would have to make a separate remote for detecting hits so there would be less delay. Essentially the client detects hits and fire a remote to the server to apply damage which means that it could be exploited pretty easily but there’s not much I can do about it if I want nice gameplay. I’ll just have to do a lot of sanity checks.

I’m trying to add some type of parkour to it, I’ve been working on valting and wallrunning but there still pretty sketchy. I also really suck at animation and I’m trying to keep the animations basic so they don’t look dog water.


Pretty nice, however I would recommend adding a strafing system. Where your character would have different animations based on the direction it’s walking in.