Progress on Low Poly Structure

Hey guys I’ve been pretty busy lately anyways, I listened to your suggestions and added most of them in.

Also any suggestions would be great!


This is top-notch. I have no criticism!


That is just breath taking. I also have nothing to say but wow.


Looks really good, it feels like it’s low poly but at the same time a detailed and well builded house and the surroundings look really good and neatly done , good work.


Forgot this was Roblox for a second! :sweat_smile:
This looks amazing! :heart:


Looks great, I wouldn’t say this is lowpoly because of all the bricks and general part count but this looks great, window glaze looks pretty clear and the lighting is pretty good. The red/white drapes probably need to be resized and the pillars need some design but good job.

At first, I liked the low-ploy, but I see now that this build is more realistic with the smooth plastic, excellent work!

That’s a very good low poly building. I like the textures of the building, originality of the low poly tree, the street lamps and the lighting! Overall, well done!

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I have no suggestions because in my opinion it’s pretty much perfect, you have a lot of talent, excellent work my friend.

Looks really good actually. Only thing that could be better are maybe the bushes next to the building. The lamps on the top are bit too flat it looks too. Otherwise great job!

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Wow, this looks amazing! I love how the windows look and the light effect as well!