Progress on my Platformer Game 5 Months later…

Quick Story ( Optional To Read )

Ima start off saying I’ve been learning how to code 5 months ago and stuck with it, I gave up on coding last year and years before that because I was just bored and I guess I just wasn’t into it until this year, I’ve been consistent on learning different thing about coding mainly raycasting and Cframes and recently been looking into Delta and Cameras. It’s took me so long to get this far mainly because I’ve been making small things and learning more as I’ve coded stuff, the same goes for my building skills… Without further a do, continue.

Small Gameplay On Level One

Images Of Level One

Discord ( More Progress )

Older Progress of the game ( 2-5 Months ago )


I don’t know if it’s just me, but this music just makes me feel uneasy