Progress on Underground Brawl Mania! (The game I put that animation feedback post about!)

So what i’ve been doing (since the animation feedback post) is more game stuff. I took my hand at building for once, cause its kinda fun to me. (Though I primarily dabble in animation)

Here’s what me and my friend (who is a scripter) have done so far!

Created an actual stage other than a small box!

(Small Box, aka test stage 1)

(Actual Stage that I made! Note: may or may not appear in the full release)

Friend of mine (same friend too) just finished the logo for the game, so feedback for him would be greatly appreciated! (Plus he told me to get feedback on this post!)

Watermarked for obvious reasons.

For now, this is all we’ve got! (as of 18th October 2021)
I sure hope the name of this game isn’t taken or anything!
Can’t wait to see all you [[BIG SHOTS]] within the game upon full release!
P.S: We’ll try not to replicate Meta Knight from Brawl, we promise nothing regarding characters though!

P.S 2: Special thanks to OzzanX3 for being the brains behind this up and coming project, as well as creating GFX and the Logo for the game!

Go check out their stuff here: Ozzan - Roblox

We’re also hiring as of right now too


Wait, I’m confused, is it a Super Smash Bros game? cause the map (and camera angles) looks like it, do correct me if I’m wrong, but the lighting makes it hard to really see.

Game will have the health system of games like Street Fighter & Tekken (so no %hp mechanic, sorry!)
However, the game will have Super Smash Bros inspired Movement, but the combat physics are more or less inspired by Black Magic 2 (A fantastic ROBLOX fighting game!)

Oh I see, so it’s a bunch of fighting games, bunched into one? that seems really cool, I hope the project goes well.

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Thank you! I also forgot to mention the Health System! This game will have two Health Bars, and losing both of those takes a stock off. Two stock matches will be the default setting, maybe three if i’m considering it! Some unusual characters will be in the game too, as well as a bunch of fan favorites!

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(We’re also working on the Health Bar design right now! Can’t reveal it though, otherwise there’s nothing new to show, and that’s stale!)

the lightning makes it very hard to see because it’s a lil bit too dark yk but if u have better pics then I suggest u to show them because I cant give u feedback if I cant see the thing. srry (:

Next time, I will definitely make the background a bit brighter. I’ve changed the colour of the purple-ish floor tiles to alder to improve visibility as it is! I hope this is to your liking.

(Don’t mind Ozzan working in the background there! He’s currently working on spawning the player in. …On second thought, I might need another programmer to assist him!)

lol ok (random words hee boo geee dee reeee)

This sure does sound like a lot of fun if implemented correctly. I wish you the best of luck!

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I plan to be extremely careful on the balancing of the game. Thus I don’t plan on adding the “Karma” feature from Undertale (as of right now though. Things could change in the future!)