Progressively Decreasing Framerate during resizing

Hey, CFrameCollisions here!. I’m a builder that does a lot of heavy detail, high part count work for assorted groups. However, consistently I seem to run into an issue where as the number of assets in my place increase, the amount of frames I get during resizing or when utilizing a plugin such as gapfill and Resize Realign progressively decreases. I was wondering if anyone knows why this is and how to possibly combat this.

I’m not posting this under bugs since I doubt it is one. Personally, I think it has to do with how system resources are spent on studio, though my laptop is really nice and studio maybe uses 15% of my system on average (I’m being generous), so I’m not quite certain about this.

I don’t really see anything unusual with this. I would expect operations to take longer as the place’s part count increases…

How many parts does your place have?

Reducing studio’s quality level might help. It’s under Settings -> Rendering.


Also try disabling plugins that you don’t need.

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Well, the thing I’m curious about is it doesn’t appear to be consistent. For example, I’m designing a homestore for Lollganz right now, coming in at 568 Union Operations, 14 Meshes, and 763 parts, and the lag started setting in at maybe 568, 14, and 650. With my other creation, however, I didn’t notice any real lag until I had around 800 union operations, 7000 parts, and 15 meshes. My other project is also very sprawled out. I’ll see if reducing the edit quality helps, since I have it very high (21), and I’ll probably remove my plugins except for Stravant’s tools, F3X, qCmdUtl, and Light Editor.

Edit quality made a huge difference. My CPU is pretty high end, but my GPU is only moderate, which probably was causing me to lag at such a high studio render setting.