Project 1000 Animations (Part 12)

I’m back and only bring one small Update of what I have been doing and I guess this format will stay forever for each Project Part update since I’m too lazy to make a new format unless I get bored of it

Here is part number Eleven

Read before you ask me a certain thing

Don’t ask if I’m for hire here on this post. I have a Portfolio just find it and you can then hire me. I’m tired of people keep asking me on my posts if I’m for hire yes maybe I am for hire or not just find the post pls. Just find it and ill get in touch with you. If you ask me on project post I won’t respond and no I do not respond to direct messages either cuz i dont like the funny dev forum private msg here.

“Quick Notice”
I’m doing a small mini special offer even on my portfolio aka I gonna accept up to 2-5 ppl and the special offer is I’m going to make 1-3 animations for free for those people who snipe these spots =P

Tho the animations which I’m gonna make for free are gonna end up in the Open Source Library of Animations I’ve been making it is still not released but yeah =)

Other Info

Will I release the 1000 Animations?
Yeah, I will. One selected amount will be Free and One selected amount will cost Robux.

Can you sell these animations for your own gain?
Please don`t cuz then you are making money off my Work. You are allowed to use the animations in your game with Credit of course : ).

When is this gonna be finished?
I simply do not know when I’m gonna be done with this.

Can you please upload it as an mp4 file?
Well, I could but you could also just change the .gif part to .mp4
I’m simply too lazy to upload it as a file

Can I contact you?
Yes my discord is ㄚ凵丨#8949 feel free to bother me : )

So yeah what have I been doing the whole time I was busy and brainstorming a lot and finally finished one 3d Model that i wanted to make and animate already so yeah and no the animation isn’t done only still WIP I may or may not update this post w the finished animation if I’m gonna do that who knows


Finsihed animation