Project 1000 Animations (Part 8)

This is the 8th Part
My motivation is on vacation atm so I don’t have any ideas of what to do

here is the Part Number Seven

Feedback on Improvements on certain animations would be nice

Read before you ask me a certain thing

Don’t ask if I’m for hire. I have a Portfolio just find it and you can then hire me. I’m tired of people keep asking me here if I’m for hire. Just find it and ill get in touch with you. If you ask me here I won’t respond.

Small Info

Oh yes hi this is a small new category it won’t appear in the other parts anymore
all I’m gonna drop here is a drop in the Hiring Post that I have created for my Group cuz Im kinda looking for 2 Scripters ok thx bye

Other Info

Will I release the 1000 Animations?
Yeah, I will. One selected amount will be Free and One selected amount will cost Robux.

Can you sell these animations for your own gain?
Please don`t cuz then you are making money off my Work. You are allowed to use the animations in your game with Credit of course : ).

When is this gonna be finished?
I simply do not know when I’m gonna be done with this.

Can you please upload it as an mp4 file?
Well, I could but you could also just change the .gif part to .mp4
I’m simply too lazy to upload it as a file

23 Long Shot Pose

24 No motivation