Project Endurance | Controls and Mechanics

Armored Studios

Information, Controls, Mechanics

How to Play

When you join a server, You will be given the choice to choose a kit. Once you choose a kit there are two objectives, Town and Farm, Which you and your team need to conquer and hold off the enemies. The game has a ticket system, Each team has 300 tickets. The enemy team loses tickets when a point is captured or when one of the enemies die. There is no way of gaining tickets. // As the game is in Dev Release, there will be many bugs. At the occurrence of a bug please press F9 and take a screenshot of the logs. Report it to our communication server that can be found under game social links, there will be a format you will need to follow.

Game Controls

W, A, S, D - Character Movement
Shift - Run
C - Crouch
Z - Prone
Backspace - Safety

Weapon Mechanics
LBM - Fire
MMB - Change ADS
R - Reload
T - Tactical Reload
V - Switch Firemode
B - Toggle Laser
CTRL - Bipod

1, 2, 3, 4 - Loadout Selection
G - Squad Leader Wheel