Project Grapple

Project Grapple is my new Project i’m working on.
I’d really appreciate you playing it or even leaving FeedBack here!

Available here!

Project Grapple is a Grappling Parkour combined game with more features to come.
Currently you can Grapple, Run and Double jump. Sounds boring?
Well with these features you can explore floating islands. crashed islands or even a Boat!

Currently it’s not got alot of stuff but still nice to explore.

Currently only available on PC

How to play:

Grappling is easy. The Orange / Yellow objects in the sky are Grapplable.
You can either distance yourself and click on it for a Boost along or Click and hold to direct grapple to it.

Running is pretty simple just hold Left Shift to get a constant boost. On ground or in air.

Double jump is self explanatory. You can only Double Jump once though.

Combine all these to Explore.

I’ll be Developing this more aswell in future.

Thank you all :smiley:


Sounds cool! Good luck on the project. :+1:

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I just tested out your game and I think you should put a GUI with all the hotkeys to make it easier for new players to pick up.

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Good job! You should make it so when you click and hold it automatically grapples to either the closest grapple point to the character or the closest to the mouse, since it’s hard to grapple while you’re falling down. Would be nifty if you also made the character sit/trip and grapple since RopeConstraint physics are kind of weird when the character is controllable.

EDIT: Didn’t notice it was already a RopeConstraint, sorry!

Thank you for pointing out that Bug.
I’ve fixed that and added a Music piece. As development progresses i’ll change and make it better.

More features will be coming soon. I’ve planned it as a Economy type game.
Swinging is a thing too while grappling at any point press R to switch into swing instead.

Thank you alot.

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I’ve actually increased the Hit boxes to begin with. Some hard parts are already got bigger ones too.

And i’m not really wanting to make it easier when falling to grapple as once failed you really can’t recover until respawned. Which in a way is unforgiving to newbies but making them decide better on the next shot.

Sounds like a unique, cool concept. Good luck!

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