Project: Hood - Patch 1.4.1 (Crew Clashes Pre-release Patch)

Project: Hood
Patch 1.4.1

Thank you to all our testers who tested today, catching bugs and giving us feedback! We appreciate it a lot : )


  • New arena Victory UI animation + character effects

  • In 2v2’s, a UI will now display who is still alive on each team:

    • image
  • Teammate overhead markers in 2v2s

  • Nametags are now disabled clientside during 2v2s

  • Lever shotgun price increase: 1,750 PH$ → 2,000 PH$

  • XM1014 price increase: 1,800 PH$ → 2,100 PH$

  • Arena signs/timer visual revamp:

  • Collidable circular barriers around arena pads added so that AFK players can’t get pushed onto them

  • Entire arena queue area turned into a safe zone (shown in green)

  • Ammo box remesh

    • image
  • Ammo boxes + armor stands added to arena plaza

  • Guns will now play an empty clip sound if you try to shoot and you’re not reloaded

  • Terragon steering buff

  • Arena win reward increased from 1,750 PH$ to 2,000 PH$

  • There’s now a 10 second delay before you get teleported out when you win arena matches

  • Arena pads will now display who’s in the match when a match is in progress

  • Chat tags are now shortened (if you didn’t notice this was added today)

Bug Fixes

  • 2v2 Arena matches fixed

  • Fixed minor building bugs

  • Fixed server hub “sky” bug

  • Flattened out Christopher’s Collections underwater slope.

  • Fixed bug where queue pad still took in players even when being full

  • Fixed new cars always being unlocked on spawn despite your setting

  • Fixed bug where crew member card doesn’t update if the player already has a card in the member scroll list

  • Store UI now ordered correctly

  • Fixed kick bug on soft shutdowns (would cause combat logs to be recorded)

  • Fixed always solo queuing on server hub

  • Fixed Model S handbrake visibility bug

  • Cars at bank car spawner that didn’t spawn correctly before now spawn correctly

  • Fixed bug on 4 seater cars where back left passenger seat shoulder offset was inverted

  • You can no longer place bounties while in a safe zone

  • Fixed bug with parties where if you receive info too fast too frequently it would cause your party member tabs to display incorrectly

  • Combat tag will now disappear on death (visual bug, your combat tag is cleared in reality but the client label is still visible)