Project: Hood - Patch 1.4.8, The New World Update

Project: Hood
Patch 1.4.8

New locations, new money making methods, and more arrive to Project: Hood!
Patch that further polishes the game and adds more features, content, balancing, and fixes!
Aims to balance out weapons more and bring gameplay back to open world.

Voice chat has also been enabled.


  • Gives 40,000 PH$!
  • This is now the only active code

Server size increased to 30!

Updated map render with all new locations and changes!


Construction in Sariss Hills has been underway, and Sariss Strip finally arrives to Project Hood!

Introducing the Warehouse
(Includes In-Game Job)

A new major location, the Warehouse, is introduced to Project: Hood!

  • Here, you will be able to work a job to earn cash, and it is the place where you’ll need to deliver cargo from the plane robbery mentioned below.

Package Delivery Job

  • As mentioned before, you are able to work a job at this warehouse.

  • You can deliver packages around the map, and you will be able to earn 375 - 1,225 PH$ each package.

  • The amount of money you get delivering a package scales with the distance of the delivery location from the warehouse. The farther it is, the more money you get.

  • There are a max of 12 packages available in a server at once. The timer to regenerate a package starts after the package is delivered or if the delivery is called off.

  • You are able to cancel a delivery by pressing 0 on PC or Y on controller.

Introducing the Cargo Plane Robbery

A new big robbery arrives to Project: Hood!

How does it work?

  • Every 6-9 minutes, a cargo plane carrying a random amount of cash from 5,000 - 15,000 PH$ will fly over the island. It will drop cargo containing said amount of cash at a random location on the map.

  • If a server is new, it takes 10 minutes for a plane to spawn

  • To earn the cash in the package, you need to pick it up and deliver it to the new Warehouse at the Sariss Strip.

  • Once the package is picked up by someone, a 6 minute timer will start. If the package is not delivered within that time, it gets destroyed.

  • The timer for the cooldown until the next plane flies over the map does not start until the package is either delivered or destroyed.

  • Once you pick the package up, the only way for it to get dropped again is if you die fully. If you full die while carrying the package, it gets dropped at your location, and can be picked up again by someone else.

  • A notification gets sent to everyone in the server a little bit before the plane flies over the map.

Clash and fight to make sure you’re able to earn the cash in the package!

Bounty Exchange

  • Introduces a way to get rid of your bounty

  • Turn in your bounty in exchange for cash!

  • New money making method

  • Can’t be used while in combat
  • Must be out of combat for at least 2 minutes to be able to use
  • Can’t be used while bounty is placed on you
  • Video (before it was changed to exhange for money): - YouTube

    • New NPC: Damien, found in Tumbridge at the gas station

Crew Audit Logs

  • Arena Changes

    • Aims to stop people from just living in arena and not playing the game, and bring people back to open world which is the gameplay we designed the game for from the beginning.

    • Pay nerfed from 915 PH$ → 825 PH$

    • Reward money now gets subtracted from the opponent

      • Meaning that: If you win, the money you are rewarded comes from the other person. Which also means that losing a game makes you lose money now

      • If the opponent has than 825 PH$, then the reward money will just be whatever is left in their balance. If they have no money, then the winner gets no reward

    • Ammo boxes, armor stands, and food stand removed from arena

    • You lose bounty from dying in arena matches again

  • Gun Balancing

    • AKM nerf

      • Headshot damage: 39 → 33
      • Equip time: 0.4s → 0.6s
      • RPM: 385 → 355
    • M4A1 buff

      • Spread: 8.8° → 8.4°
      • Spread Reduction (ADS): 30% → 43%
      • Price: 1,000 PH$ → 1,175 PH$
    • Barrett nerf

      • RPM: 100 → 92
      • Range: 7,250 → 7,000
      • Equip Time: 1.4s → 1.5s
      • Mag Size: 10 → 4
      • Movement Accuracy Reduction: 41% → 64%
      • Spread: 9° → 10.5°
      • Price: 12,500 PH$ → 13,750 PH$
      • Bullet Drop: 18 → 28
    • VSS Vintorez nerf

      • RPM: 200 → 120
      • Range: 5,875 → 5,500
      • Equip Time: 0.46s → .95s
      • Mag Size: 10 → 5
      • Movement Accuracy Reduction: 67% → 76%
      • Spread: 7° → 9.5°
      • Price: 9,500 PH$ → 10,150 PH$
      • Bullet Drop: 12 → 20
  • Lever Shotgun nerf

    • RPM: 115 → 105
    • Range: 125 → 107
    • Equip Time: 0.72s → .8s
    • Base Damage: 9 → 8
    • Headshot Damage: 144 → 133
    • Price: 2,000 PH$ → 2,150 PH$
  • Python nerf

    • RPM: 75 → 65
    • Range: 1,225 → 1,075
    • Equip Time: 0.5s → .8s
  • Deagle nerf

    • RPM: 150 → 140
    • Equip Time: 0.41s → .75s
  • RPG buff

    • Projectile Speed: 125 → 133

  • Tumbridge has gotten a complete revamp! Every house has an interior now, with robbable safes, furniture, objects, and multiple rooms with a more modern design.

  • Active “In Combat” time increased from 15 to 40 seconds

  • Projectile replication rework + rewrite

  • Crew inviting members permission changed from Member+ to Admin+

  • Safezone bounty damage tick increase

    • 5 per 2 seconds → 8 per 2 seconds
  • Player leaderboards now automatically clear perma banned people

  • Bank wall back area extended

  • Bounty and pay input text boxes no longer clear text on focus

  • Ghost peeks GONE (patched)

  • Scope positions on gamepad are now properly centered

  • Grammar on some game tips fixed

  • Crew name on crew invite / crew ally card no longer clips into the crew logo

    • image

    • image

  • You can no longer finish players while safe or while with a forcefield

  • Hitting dummies should no longer put you in combat

  • Kill effects now go in the correct direction like they were before knocking was added (ex. Turbocharge doesn’t go up like it’s supposed to)

  • Bug where you’re able to deal damage after dying in a 2s arena game is fixed

  • Leaving while dead in a 2s match should no longer combat log you

  • Bug where you can put people through walls by letting the game drop them is fixed

  • Testing fix for bug caused by seat welds not replicating sometimes (Roblox moment, its the bug where people float in the same place they sit in when getting in a car)

  • Bug where it says server is updating soon when the server’s age isn’t 12h should be fixed

  • Shutdowns / leaving when a server is about to update should no longer combat log

  • Bug where arena counts someone on both teams should be fixed

  • Bug where notification says “You were kicked from your crew” on a normal leave is fixed

  • More server to client communications when things fail (ex. a notification)

  • Fixed getting combat logged while dead

  • Fixed XM1014 and M4 being able to push around cars (some parts in it were collidable)

  • Testing new fix for gun animation bug where your hands get stuck in the hold position

  • Bug where you still take damage while in a safe zone after you survive your bounty is fixed

  • You’re no longer able to pick up money even if you manage to get inside the bank vault while it’s closed

  • Fixed bug where you’re able to roll while shooting guns

  • Bug that allowed you to use banned weapons in arena is fixed

  • Stuck animation bug on guns fix (testing)

  • More minor bug fixes

This will probably be the last update of this size to the game. There might be updates here and there, and nothing is guaranteed; we work by our own schedule now.

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