Project: Hood - The Crew Clashes Update

Project: Hood
Patch 1.4

Project: Hood is back and we’re showing that we’re here to stay with the Crew Clashes Update, the first major update to the game! Enjoy all the new content, changes, and bug fixes!

Thank you guys so much for your patience and participating in the Beta, so that we could collect feedback and information for our release! We haven’t spent all this time doing nothing - we’ve been polishing, adding new content, and making the game the best it can be!

Project: Hood is now out of beta and in

Art by me.

Now let’s get right into it, shall we?


  • MAJOR and we mean MAJOR optimization

Introducing the server hub!

  • Realtime party system - Ready up and join the fun! You can queue with up to 6 people at the same time! Also includes a feature where you can change the party leader by right clicking on a party member’s button in the party tab. Party leaders have the power to kick people from the party.

  • image

  • You can either play online or play privately (all server joining systems are party supported, including private)

  • Custom server picking algorithm will always pick the best server for you, as well as fill lobbies up as full as possible.

  • You can now join online servers normally, by ID, or by joining your friend in a game (there’s a scrolling menu that will show you all friends in public servers)

  • New permanent private servers with goooood benefits. (Costs the same as old ones, 315 R$) - now purchasable via gamepass. More details will be told to you in the private server, ofc. If you don’t have it and you bought one before this update, be sure to contact rek in the Project: Hood discord.

  • You can buy private servers straight from in game!

Private Server Benefits
  • One time payment of a PERMANENT private server

  • A variety of different commands

  • Customizable private server join modes (you are even able to change it straight from the server hub while the private server is active)

  • Private server code security (mods and owner bypass)

  • Command panel and weather control panel

  • Built-in moderation system that saves (you can make other people in your private server moderators)

  • Freecam w/ FOV slider for players (toggle by pressing Shift + P)

  • 20,000 PH$ bonus

Private Server Command Panel

Private server code security (mods and owner bypass)

Xbox + controller support :video_game:


Project: Hood is now available on console and controller!

How does crossplay work for console/PC?

  • Console and PC servers are naturally separated. The only time when crossplay is enabled is when there are different consoles in the same party - in that case, it will be a PC server. Otherwise, if all members of a party are console / you queue by yourself on console, you will get a console server.

Crews arrive to Asta Velle!

Another one of our major planned features has been added to Project: Hood! With tons of different settings and features, you can fully squad up with your friends and make your crew your own!

Head to your interactions menu and notice that the “Invite to crew” button is now non-greyed out and usable! You can use this button to obviously, invite people to your crew.


  • Find the new crew management button in the interactions menu to jump right in:

    • If you’re not in a crew, clicking that button will prompt the crew creation tab. Otherwise, it will open the crew management tab (both below)
  • Create a crew with a unique name, a custom logo, and custom colors by opening the crew creation tab! There is a creation fee of 75,000 PH$.

  • After you’ve created a crew, you’ll be able to open the crew management tab, which is where you will be able to fully manage and view all of your crew’s members and details. ARBYS.

Crews are packed with features (so worth the time - rek):

  • Names are unique - no 2 crews can have the same name

  • A shared crew bank with a capacity of up to 1,000,000 PH$.

    • Ranks member and up can donate to the bank, ranks coleader and up can withdraw from it.
  • A custom crew spray (the image will be your crew’s logo) that updates in real-time with your crew’s current logo (every player will have one, but if you’re not in a crew, the logo will be blank.)

    • Find your crew spray by going into the sprays tab of your inventory and equipping the spray which has the 3 people as the icon.
  • An overhead tag that will display your crew’s name and colors, and also updates them in real time.

  • A detailed ranking/management system.

    • There are 5 ranks (all which have different permissions):

      • Leader (default for creator)
      • Coleader
      • Admin
      • Member
      • Guest (default for new members)
  • Customizable crew colors

  • Overhead tags that display over your crew members and crew allies’ heads

  • A crew size of up to 100 members (Default is 10, upgradable)

    • Admins and up can buy +10 member slots for your crew for 30 R$.
  • The ability to change your crew’s logo and name.

    • Being able to change the crew’s name and logo requires at least the coleader rank.
    • Changing the crew’s name costs 35 R$.
    • Changing the crew’s name costs 25 R$.
  • The ability to kick people from your crew.

  • A crew damage setting (aka friendly fire) which will enable you to control whether crew members are able to deal damage to each other.

    • Requires coleader rank and up to access
  • An ally system that allows you to ally with up to 3 crews.

    • You can only deal damage to members of an allied crew if both crews have crew damage enabled.
  • Disbanding a crew (not only just leaving it!)

  • The ability to see your crew members as well as members of allied crew members on your map and minimap.

  • New game settings specifically for crews (find them in the settings tab in your menu!)

    • Crew Requests - toggles whether players will be able to send crew invites to you.
    • Ally Requests - toggles whether other crew leaders will be able to send ally requests to you.
    • Show Ally Locations - toggles whether you can see your crew members and allied crew members on the map and minimap, as well as their overhead tags
  • Crew leaderboards - compete and climb up to the top with your squad! Now displayed on the outer wall of Rav’s Motors.

    • Leaderboard categories:
      • Total Crew Bounty
      • Total Crew Income (Earned)
      • Total Kills
  • Full cross server support

    • The only actions that require you to be in the same server as the recipient are sending ally requests to the leader of another crew, and inviting someone to your crew.

Introducing Arena

1v1 and 2v2 Arenas have shipped and are now open to play on the map!
Hop into a match either solo or duo, and compete to climb up the leaderboards and earn money!

Winners are granted 1,750 PH$ per win.

Arena Leaderboards are included:

  • 1v1 Arena Wins
  • 2v2 Arena Wins
  • Total Arena Wins

How does it work?

  • Step into the entry pads to hop into a queue. When both are full, you will be teleported into the corresponding arena field and the match will start.

    • You go into the arena with the weapons you have (if you have any). This gives players the choice to use whatever weapons they want, or no weapons.
    • Despite this, these three weapons are not allowed - Barrett, VSS Vintorez, and RPG (they’re too overpowered for fair gameplay in Arena). If you have any of these weapons during a match, you will not be able to equip them.
  • There is a 5 minute timer, as arena has, and encourages, fast-paced gameplay. Most of the time, your matches will probably take around 2-3 minutes, at most 4.

  • If something that isn’t supposed to happen during a match happens (like a player leaving the game), the match will be cancelled and reset.

  • Kill the player(s) on the opposite team to win. You’ll be granted the win in your stats and 1,750 PH$.

(Note: This is NOT supposed to be the game’s full fledged competitive system - we have ideas for that and that will be something much bigger and separate from regular arena, which was just added.). Arena is more casual and competitive will be way less lenient.

5 brand new beautiful cars - Now for sale at Rav’s Motors!

From left to right:

  • Jesko (Koenigsegg Jesko)

  • Hellcat (2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat)

  • Terragon (Apollo Intensa Emozione)

  • R35 GT-R (Nissan R35 GT-R)

  • Lionne (Ferrari Italia)

All new interactive tutorial!

You actually get to play and interact with the game with the new tutorial! It’s much better, explains a lot more, and is much higher quality.

You will also be awarded a badge on completion! If you don’t have the badge, you will automatically be teleported to the tutorial.

(I don’t know why it says it was created in 2018, that’s a Roblox bug…)

Introducing Codes

Codes have now been added, and you can redeem them to get in-game rewards! Follow our twitter or join our discord to get the latest codes and to keep track of updates!

  • Use code “CREWCLASHES” for 25,000 PH$!

  • Find this tab by clicking on the new “Codes” button in the menu.

    • image

Settings rehaul! You can check them out in the menu by pressing Tab.

Tons of new detailed settings to allow you to tune the game to your liking and needs!

Case item previews

You are now able to look at all of a case’s potential items, their rarities, names, and even which ones you own! You’re able to get the prompt by jumping on top of a case and pressing E (or Y on gamepad) on “View Items.” This is extremely useful, and will be especially useful in the future as we start introducing limited items.

Another new location - Shooting Range!

Rek’s Range is now available on the map! Head on over to practice and test out guns and weapons!

  • It’s also a safe zone, so you don’t have to worry about protection!

Shoulder switching and new weapon camera offsets

Smooth transitions, new weapon ADS offsets, and new vehicle camera weapon offsets to give you the best visibility. Also added smooth shoulder switching - incredibly useful and makes holding angles that were impossible to hold before possible!

  • Press V to shoulder switch.

Note: You can not shoulder switch in vehicles because it’s already automatic (has been like this from day 1).

New detailed crosshair customization.

Customize your crosshair and find your best settings!

( Now an outdated video, there are even more settings now :smiley: )

New Gun Mechanics

Introducing NEW recoil and spread ramping mechanics

To check if a gun has recoil and spread ramping on it, check the advanced stats of the gun.

  • What is recoil ramping?

    • Recoil ramping is basically the mechanic where your recoil gradually goes up the more you constantly fire a gun until it hits the max recoil, and slowly ramps back down when you stop firing. How this works is that the gun’s recoil (the one labeled in stats) is now its max recoil. Guns with this mechanic now have a minimum recoil percent (which is when your recoil is fully ramped down. Ex. a gun with 50 recoil and a minimum recoil percent of 50% means that you will have 50 * .5 = 25 recoil when it is fully ramped down and reset.) The speed a gun takes to get from minimum to maximum recoil is its recoil ramp-up rate, and the speed it takes for a gun to go back to minimum recoil is its recoil reset rate, and these values usually range from 0 - 2.5 from slow to really fast.
  • What is spread ramping?

    • Spread ramping is basically the same thing as recoil ramping except with spread (somewhat similar to “first shot accuracy”). The spread of a gun labeled in stores/stats is its max spread. Every gun has a minimum spread percent, which is the percent your spread is at when it is fully ramped down (Ex. Gun has 5° spread with a minimum spread % of 20%, meaning that 5 * .2 = 1° minimum spread). The speed a gun takes to get from minimum to maximum spread is its spread ramp-up rate, and the speed it takes for a gun to go back to minimum spread is its spread reset rate, and these values usually range from 0 - 2.5 from slow to really fast, too. Spread ramping on guns is usually significantly faster ramping up and slower ramping down than recoil ramping.

Important Note: Spread ramping and recoil ramping only take effect when you are aiming down sights. If you aren’t aiming, your recoil and spread will be at the max values.

New Movement Inaccuracy for Snipers and DMRs

The Barrett, VSS Vintorez, and SKS now have movement inaccuracy factors when noscoping. Center dots are also disabled at all times despite your setting on these weapons, and these changes will apply to future snipers and DMRs.

Added new car camera mode: Freelook

Get a nice 360 degree view!

TONS of new cosmetics!

  • 30 new shirts + pants
  • 30 new hats
  • 40+ new skins

6 new sprays!

made by the one and only xkal

GG (Uncommon)

RIP (Uncommon)

Wiped (Uncommon)

Goodnight (Rare)

Dazed (Rare)

Swept (Rare)

New community contributors

These people’s submissions from the discord made it into the game (all of them are skins)
Enjoy your rewards! (30k PH$, Community Contributor discord role, and an exclusive chat tag!)

  • YummyFungus (x2)
  • mp_crash
  • u5xl
  • something786
  • dakotapippen
  • x_kalibur
  • Jasper_Pail
  • Skvrt


  • Case cashback/refund percentages now depend on the item’s rarity!

    • Common - 45% refund
    • Uncommon - 55% refund
    • Rare - 65% refund
    • Very Rare - 75% refund
    • Legendary - 85% refund
    • Unseen - 95% refund
  • Car wheels will now lock when there is no driver, meaning that cars will now decelerate when you hop out of them!

  • You can now press and hold right click while in a vehicle (without a weapon equipped obviously) to easily switch to rear camera, and release it to go back to your current view.

  • Inventory items are now separated into sprays and tools for more organization

  • COMPLETE anticheat revamp (now running on PHAC v2)

  • If you join a game and you are banned, it will now display the time remaining for the ban

  • Going into the water while a bounty is on you will now cause you to take 10 damage for every second you’re in the water. It goes straight to your health, armor and forcefield do not affect it

  • Max server size increased from 18 to 21 (Experimental)

  • Stats tab revamp - neater, and converted to a scrolling frame for more space (especially for future stats)

  • (Mod Only) - Cross server banning + name autofilling on chat commands except for :ban and :release (ex. You can type “:kick inf” instead of “:kick infuriatingfr” now)

  • (Mod Only) - New :tparena command - will teleport you to the arena

  • (Dev Only) - Devs have access to the new weather admin panel in public servers.

  • Depth of field will now enable on the menu screen when you join the game!

  • You can now toggle Cinematic Mode from the topbar (PC only)!

    • image
  • New Community Contributors have their chat tags.

  • +1 car spawner in Balton (next to Arena)

  • You can now purchase VIP directly from the main game in the Store tab of the menu.

    • You will also receive a notification on a successful VIP purchase now.
  • You will now be notified on bounty and combat logs on rejoin, as well as the amount of money you lost. (These features have been in the game for months, just that you will now get notified when you get detected.)

  • image

  • image

  • image

  • Notifications will now show when you try to buy armor that has a lower amount than what you have on already

  • “Servers” button in settings changed to a button that lets you teleport back to the server hub

  • image

  • The Armory now has a shop rotation timer

  • There’s now a 40s cooldown to buying armor.

  • New players now start with 20,000 PH$.

  • Opening bank vault now gives +3 bounty

Updated Map Render

With all the new locations and changes to the map.

Heavy Gun Balancing

  • Vaulted Railgun

  • Center dots will now always be disabled on sniper crosshairs despite your setting

  • Brief summary of changes:

    • Buffs on SMGs, ARs and shotguns

    • Nerfs on pistols and Barrett

    • Walkspeed reduction is now 0 on all ARs, SMGs, and shotguns which will allow for better movement

    • New mechanics (introduced above)

    • Equip time heavily reduced on most guns

All Changes
  • New mechanics:

    • Minimum Recoil Percent

    • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate

    • Recoil Reset Rate

    • Minimum Spread Percent

    • Spread Ramp-Up Rate

    • Spread Reset Rate

    • Movement Accuracy Reduction


  • Equip time: 1.63s → .43s

  • Spread: 7°→ 6.5°

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 53% → 67%

  • Recoil: 40 → 44

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 43% → 38%

  • Headshot damage: 51 → 49

  • Price: 2,125 PH$ → 2,650 PH$

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3.5 → 0

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 60%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: .35

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .2

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 38%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: .89

  • Spread Reset Rate: .14


  • RPM: 120 → 100

  • Spread: 2°→ 9°

  • Bullet drop: 30 → 18

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 64% → 98%

  • Recoil: 54 → 68

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 27.5% → 31%

  • Crosshair Size: 23 → 45

  • Headshot damage: 267 → 233

  • Price: 10,050 PH$ → 12,500 PH$

  • Movement Accuracy Reduction (Non-ADS): 41%


  • RPM: 230 → 215

  • Equip time: 1.33s → .41s

  • Damage: 50 → 46

  • Headshot damage: 107 → 102

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 50% → 47.5%

  • Price: 4,750 PH$ → 3,600 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 70%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: .3

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .23

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 31%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.3

  • Spread Reset Rate: .18


  • Equip time: 1.13s → .4s

  • Damage: 8 → 9

  • Recoil: 43 → 46

  • Headshot damage: 14.4 → 16

  • Spread: 10°→ 9°

  • Walkspeed reduction: 2 → 0

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 40% → 62%

  • Max Range + Damage Dropoff Max Distance = 1,100 studs → 1,165 studs

  • Full damage distance (radius before dropoff takes effect): 10 → 16

  • Price: 1,200 PH$ → 1,700 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 75%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.15

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .21

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 73%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.96

  • Spread Reset Rate: .23

Glock 17

  • RPM: 400 → 365

  • Equip time: 1.13s → .35s

  • Damage: 21 → 16

  • Headshot Damage: 41 → 26

  • Spread: 5.5°→ 5.7°

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 59% → 57%

  • Price: 600 PH$ → 800 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 80%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.15

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .21

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 73%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.96

  • Spread Reset Rate: .23


  • Equip time: 1.05s → .47s

  • Spread: 9.35°→ 8.7°

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 40% → 58%

  • Recoil: 38 → 35

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3 → 0

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 41%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.1

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .23

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 25%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.25

  • Spread Reset Rate: .195

Lever Shotgun

  • Equip time: 1.316s → .5s

  • Spread: 14°→ 11°

  • Range: 1,800 studs → 900 studs

  • Damage per pellet: 8 → 10

  • Headshot damage per pellet: 16 → 25

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 40% → 50%

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3 → 0

  • Note: This thing shoots out 8 pellets at a time. Meaning:

  • Old max damage: 128

  • New max damage: 200

M1 Thompson

  • Spread: 13.75°→ 12°

  • Equip time: 1.1s → .4s

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 30% → 57%

  • Headshot Damage: 17 → 19

  • Price: 2,000 PH$→ 2,750 PH$

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3 → 0

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 71%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 2

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .35

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 79%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 2.1

  • Spread Reset Rate: .39


  • Spread: 8°→ 7.4°

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3.75 → 0

  • Equip time: 1.06s → .32s

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 55% → 62%

  • Headshot damage: 35 → 37

  • Recoil: 34 → 37

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 50% → 42%

  • Price: 3,100 PH$ → 3,000 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 36%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.5

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .13

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 21%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.3

  • Spread Reset Rate: .48


  • Walkspeed reduction: 3 → 0

  • Equip time: 1.1s → .46s

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 42% → 50%

  • Price: 1,300 PH$→ 1,100 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 60%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.6

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .3

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 34%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.1

  • Spread Reset Rate: .19


  • Spread: 10°→ 9.5°

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 32% → 56%

  • Damage: 7 → 8

  • Headshot damage: 12 → 15

  • Walkspeed reduction: 2 → 0

  • Equip time: 1s → .24s

  • Recoil: 35 → 41

  • Mag Count: 4 → 5

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 30% → 33%

  • Price: 1,075 PH$ → 1,025 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 62%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 2.4

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .4

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 67%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 2.4

  • Spread Reset Rate: .42


  • Damage: 6 → 7

  • Headshot damage: 11 → 14

  • Walkspeed reduction: 1 → 0

  • Equip time: 1.23s → .22s

  • Recoil: 25 → 29

  • Price: 1,150 PH$ → 1,050 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 80%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 2.1

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .6

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 82%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.7

  • Spread Reset Rate: .14


  • Equip time: 1.3s → .5s

  • Spread: 4.2°→ 5.5°

  • Damage: 67 → 51

  • Headshot damage: 141→ 120

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 59% → 45%

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 30% → 32%

  • Recoil: 50.5 → 55

  • Range: 1,300 studs → 1,225 studs

  • Price: 3,000 PH$ → 3,475 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 82%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.5

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .3

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 43%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.4

  • Spread Reset Rate: .21


  • Can’t hit through walls anymore

  • Blast Radius: 12.5 → 13.5

  • Price: 9,400 PH$ → 8,750 PH$

  • Walkspeed reduction: 5 → 3

S&W .40

  • RPM: 380 → 345

  • Equip time: 1.16s → .3s

  • Damage: 29 → 20

  • Headshot Damage: 51 → 28

  • Spread: 4.95°→ 5.4°

  • Recoil: 40 → 41

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 59% → 42%

  • Price: 750 PH$ → 925 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 56%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 2.06

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .37

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 20%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.8

  • Spread Reset Rate: .29


  • Equip time: 1.417s → .8s

  • Damage: 27 → 40

  • Headshot Damage: 48.6 → 83

  • Crosshair Size: 10.5 → 30

  • Spread: 5.7°→ 7.1°

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 47% → 40%

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 60% → 80%

  • Price: 2,150 PH$ → 3,150 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 67%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.9

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .17

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 21%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 2.29

  • Spread Reset Rate: .17

  • Movement Accuracy Reduction (Non-ADS): 52%

  • Walkspeed reduction: 4 → 2

Saritch 308

  • Walkspeed reduction: 3 → 0

  • Equip time: 1.16s → .48s

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 50% → 58%

  • Headshot damage: 30 → 33

  • Damage: 15 → 16

  • Recoil: 30 → 25 (lower because it is a burst so it is potentially x3)

  • Recoil Reduction (ADS): 50% → 48%

  • Price: 3,100 PH$ → 2,500 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 57%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1.3

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .1

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 34%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 1.8

  • Spread Reset Rate: .37


  • Equip time: 1.06s → .2s

  • Damage: 29 → 20

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 42% → 34%

  • Headshot damage: 61 → 34

  • Damage: 15 → 16

  • Recoil: 25 → 27

  • Price: 1,200 PH$ → 1,075 PH$

  • Minimum Recoil Percent: 54%

  • Recoil Ramp-Up Rate: 1

  • Recoil Reset Rate: .15

  • Minimum Spread Percent: 26%

  • Spread Ramp-Up Rate: 2

  • Spread Reset Rate: .29

VSS Vintorez

  • Spread: 2.25°→ 7°

  • Bullet drop: 39.5 → 12

  • Spread Reduction (ADS): 64% → 98%

  • Crosshair Size: 15 → 27

  • Price: 9,000 PH$ → 6,850 PH$

  • Walkspeed reduction: 4 → 2

  • Bullet Velocity: 4,050 studs/s → 4,375 studs/s

  • Movement Accuracy Reduction (Non-ADS): 67%


  • Equip time: 1s → .4s

  • Spread: 16.5°→ 15°

  • Damage per pellet: 6 → 7

  • Headshot damage per pellet: 11 → 13

  • Range: 2,100 studs → 750 studs

  • Walkspeed reduction: 2 → 0

  • Price: 1,875 PH$ → 1,800 PH$

  • Note: This thing shoots out 9 pellets at a time. Meaning:

  • Old max damage: 99

  • New max damage: 117


  • Molotov

    • Price: 400 PH$75 PH$
    • Duration: 12.5s17s
  • Grenade

    • Price: 250 PH$60 PH$
    • Blast Radius: 10 studs14 studs
    • Cook time: 4.5s3s
  • Smoke Grenade

    • Price: 200 PH$40 PH$
    • Duration: 21.5s30s
    • Size and density increased
  • Tear Gas

    • Price: 315 PH$50 PH$
    • Duration: 10.5s15s

New PH$ DevProduct rates (reduced heavily!)

Bundle size isn’t changed, only the robux prices of them are

10,000 PH$ bundle

  • 100 robux40 robux (250/1)

26,000 PH$ bundle

  • 250 robux100 robux (260/1)

55,000 PH$ bundle

  • 500 robux200 robux (275/1)

112,000 PH$ bundle

  • 1,000 robux390 robux (287/1)

256,000 PH$ bundle

  • 2,500 robux800 robux (301/1)

540,000 PH$ bundle

  • 5,000 robux1,630 robux (331/1)

Game Tuning and Polishing

  • Net Income stats, Net Income leaderboard, Highest Bounty stat, and Bounty in a Life leaderboard have all been reset

  • Bounty

    • Bounty logging now clears your inventory and hotbar

    • Bounty logging now causes you to lose 75% of the money that was placed on you instead of 30%

    • Bounty placing limit increased to 100,000 PH$ from 10,000 PH$

    • Bounty claim limit increased to 100,000 PH$ from 7,500 PH$

    • You can no longer place bounties on people who have a forcefield on them.

    • Now, you can’t gain or lose bounty in private servers (even from dying)

  • If you enter the bank with a forcefield on now, the forcefield will be destroyed

  • Private servers now give 15% of public server money amounts instead of no money at all. (Excluding being paid by another person / buying money / being refunded from a case, those have always been 100% in privates because that money is either bought with robux or coming from a person)

  • You can now sprint while reloading!

  • New VSS Vintorez scope

  • Bank hallway area widened to allow more space for fights

  • Leaving a safezone forcefield time increased to 15s from 10s

  • Revamped car spawner UI (also means the issue where you can’t click the spawn buttons in the 4th column of the frame is fixed b/c now the buttons aren’t visible)

  • Major optimizations in zone checking by updating to Zone+ v2.

  • New bullet tracers

  • Riiley’s Hats clerk updated

  • Car headlights keybind changed from T to G (conflicts with T to toggle minimap blips)

  • Advanced stats in gun stores are revamped and updated (including new stats), UI converted to a scrolling frame and in general is just a lot neater.

  • 1,000 PH$ paychecks are disabled in tutorial and private servers

  • Disabled people being able to collide with cars. (stops roadblocking, improves performance, and stops all collision glitches)

  • Leveled out terrain in this area so that it’s easier for cars driving here

  • Secured a lot of things that were previously vulnerable (things that affected scripts)

  • Punch damage is now non-random and is a constant 20

  • Blocking is now a lot more effective - Damage reduction increased to 80% from 60% (meaning now you only take 20% damage from punches if you block)

  • Disabled manual transmission on the Model S

  • New tire friction calculation system on the Miata and the new cars!

    • As a result, slight Miata handling buff - Rating increased from 3.8 to 4.4
  • Onyx handling rating changed: 5.2 to 4.6 (Stats weren’t changed at all, just the rating)

  • Chiron handling rating changed: 6.1 to 7 (Stats weren’t changed at all, just the rating)

  • Updated controls tab in the menu

  • Fall damage fixed

  • Fixed kill trading (it’s no longer possible, hitreg will now deny if you are dead)

  • Bullets will now perfectly align with the crosshair when you shoot (remember spread and recoil + the new mechanics still exist though)

    • Bug where bullets do not land where your crosshair is (at close ranges) is fixed too. This is part of the fix above
  • Fixed bug where bullets would go randomly in the wrong direction when you shoot

  • Fixed bug where you can damage people with melees while having forcefield on

  • Fixed minor building bugs

  • Fixed bullet collisions - bullets will now no longer collide with another person’s tools/weapons (ex. a gun was able to block a bullet before)

  • Fixed bug where coming to a stop too fast makes automatic transmission stop at the wrong gear - it will now reset correctly and go back to 1 (usually this happens when you crash into a wall and get stopped)

  • A dumpster is now placed here so that you can’t get stuck in here anymore

  • Fixed Neo Highrise uproad friction (going up them at high speeds would sometimes cause you to fling and flip over, made it feel like you were hitting an invisible part)

  • Bug with hotbar rarely showing the wrong items fixed

  • Fixed bug where scoping out of a sniper while shooting in a vehicle would cause your legs to become visible

  • Magnitude check rate on interactables increased (should mitigate cases where it doesn’t show up sometimes, causing you to have to walk back)

  • Revamped minimap blip rotation calculation system, meaning that scenarios that cause your minimap arrow rotation to be inaccurate (ex. swimming) are fixed and accurate now

  • Reduced lag caused by rain (realistic rain is still slightly expensive though.)

  • Explosive weapons can no longer hit through walls.

  • Fixed issues with nametags clipping (makes it appear that some of the name is cutting off)

  • Fixed bug where vault will appear open, but collisions show it’s closed

  • Bug where armor stays on after the animation plays should be fixed

  • Inmate pants and other filtered clothes fixed

  • If you are crouching and go under something, you will now not be able to uncrouch if your head is blocked by something above you

  • Bug where KDR only calculates when you get a kill is fixed. It should now recalculate on both death and kill

  • In-game time text label is now properly centered on the top of your screen

  • You can no longer look through walls with inspection mode

  • Fixed bug where scoping in and back out of a sniper would cause your hotbar to reappear in cinematic mode (where nothing is supposed to be visible)

  • Fixed bug where car wind sounds are still audible when you hop out of a moving car (This would be that small “hissing” or wind-like sound you could noticeably hear after going up to your car after jumping out of it at a high speed.)

  • Fixed bug where inventory blur stays if you die while checking inventory

  • Fixed all server-side memory leaks (means optimization)

  • Fixed realistic rain being able to go through buildings with thin roofs

  • Cloud transitions are now smooth when tweening (no stuttering/flickering)

  • Bug where hitboxes did not de-initialize causing you to be able to hit multiple times in one animation on melees fixed

  • Bug where robbing an ATM and going immediately to the next one has the text as “Cashed out” still is fixed

  • Armor no longer saves if you leave as soon as you die + bugs where armor stays on is fixed

  • Punch hitboxes will now stop if you roll during a punch

  • You can no longer spray moving objects / fixed sprays being able to spray objects that can move which causes the spray to float

  • Damage indicators will now properly round numbers

  • Fixed bugs where guns would sometimes be facing in the wrong direction (caused by the animation of a previous weapon playing on a newly equipped, different weapon)

  • Bugs with armor skins failing to clear / not changing when you set them should be fixed

  • All bugs caused by car collisions are fixed because they’re now disabled.

  • Weird, random bugs caused by jumping out of cars should be fixed (ex. the “freecam” bug)

  • Fixed very minor safezone bugs where it doesn’t cover the entire building (in like 2 of the buildings you could wedge into very small areas and it wouldn’t be detected)

  • Damage indicators will now show up again on non-player objects while you’re in safe zones, so that you can test weapon damage.

  • If your screen resolution is not 16:9, the looping background on the loading screen will now stretch or shrink (otherwise it will clip off the screen)

  • Fixed bug where legs are still invisible when you leave a car / you’re in it when it despawns

  • The Shift + Y enable mouse keybind should now work on the first press (it took two presses on the first toggle because it would be disabling it first when it’s already disabled)

  • Fixed weird collision that used to be here:

  • Car spawn height majorly decreased (should stop wheels going haywire from physics sometimes when spawned)

  • KennyTheDart clerk in Francoise Etienne now has pants

Game drops on Feb 27 @ 10 AM PST.