Project: Hood - The Easter 2021 Update

Project: Hood
Patch 1.4.5

Easter comes to Project: Hood!
Enjoy all the new content, changes, and fixes!

(Icon by kenji)

  • 14 limited Easter hats have been added! Head over to the Bellagio in Neo Highrise and check out the Hat case to try and get them!



  • Flushed Egg
  • Easter Cape
  • Obsidian Egg


  • Ears of Conflict
  • Black Bunny Hood
  • Void Bunny Ears
  • Cartoon Bunny Ears
  • Candy Egg

Very Rare

  • Bunny Hood
  • Bright Bunny Ears
  • Easter Boppers


  • Egg Head
  • Painted Egg


  • Bunny Ears

  • These items will be available until the end of Sunday, April 19. THEY WILL NOT COME BACK, SO BE SURE TO GET THEM NOW!!

Reminder: Jump on top of a case to be able to look what’s inside it.

  • Utility weapons now display a crosshair to help you aim

  • Throwing and aiming rework (feels much better now)

  • Controls for utility in case you don’t know: Left click = long throw, Right click = short throw

  • Grenade buffs / changes

    • Blast radius increase: 14 studs → 15 studss

    • Damage increase: 101 > 105

    • Splash damage drop-off is now a lot less severe (aka less damage drop off)

    • Camera shake improvements for more realism and immersion

    (These changes also guarantee a one shot without armor now btw)

  • Molotov buffs / changes
    • Intervals between burn damage decreased from 0.35s - 0.7s to a constant 0.23s, meaning more damage is dealt faster + it’s no longer RNG

    • Burn damage is now a constant 6 instead of 4-7 randomized

    • Fire/damage area size increased

    • New engulf sound added on ignition

    • Fire is now thicker (just a visual change)

  • Tear gas buffs / changes
    • Intervals between gas damage decreased to 0.35s from 1s, meaning damage is now dealt more than 2x as fast

    • Gas/damage area size increased

    • Gas damage is now a constant 7 instead of 5-6 randomized

    • The gas itself is now a bit thicker, but not as thick as a smoke

    • Duration increased from 15s to 20s

Utility weapons are also now less elastic (meaning that they are less bouncy) so that physics are smoother and so that they’re more likely to go where you aim instead of bouncing everywhere, but not so much to where you can’t bounce them off of walls because bounce plays are cool lol

  • Minor bug fixes (cba to list)
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