Project: Interstellar | A new upcoming space sandbox game

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a long-form Developer Forum post like this so I’ll try and keep it simple and sweet since I also don’t feel like writing an essay today.

I am currently the Lead Developer for a new upcoming space sandbox pvp game called Project: Interstellar as mentioned in the title of this post. The whole games premise is similar to other sci-fi space games on the platform like Starbase, Galaxy, and Starscape. I have been working on this game with two others for around four months now. I am making this post to hopefully get some other developer insight on the game and see what you all think of it.

We currently have a Public Testing Server which we often drop random content updates to. The PTS is solely for the purpose of encouraging people to play and test the game out before it releases.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned it but the game is not out yet and is still in development. So there you go, lol.

We’re currently in the process of creating one of the largest updates to the game, we call it “The Warfare Update” as it brings all sorts of combat features to the game like turrets, cannons, missiles, customizability options, and more.

I would love some feedback on the game (in its current state) and what you think about it in general, the idea, what we could improve on going forward, how we can market and advertise this game before and after its release, and more.

We’ve managed to grow a community of around 200 people on discord already, however obviously with a game of this scale we’re obviously going to need more.

As for the PTS controls, I will list them below as well as screenshots of the game itself currently:


WASD - Up, down, side to side
Shift - Throttle
CTRL - Slow down
X - Full Stop
J - Boost
E+Q - Roll
M - Galaxy Map

Screenshots of our current progress:


Like I said in the beginning, I’m trying to keep this post pretty simple… If you have questions or suggestions please PLEASE PLEASE let me know by commenting. If you want to support us further, the game is attached to a group where you can find our social links to support this project further.


This looks awesome, I will keep myself updated about this project. This is really interesting.

Small questions: How large is the galaxy? And how many players will 1 server hold?

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The galaxy currently has (I believe) around 500-1000 systems (i forgot how many it is has truly), and each server is planned to hold 50 players.

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I don’t like the UI. It feeks flat with little to no variation.

As stated before, this game is a work in progress. But thanks for the input we’ll take it into consideration when updating and revising the UI aspects of the game.

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Thanks! I get really picky over UI so I’m glad thats just a prototype!

More than likely though it will stay relatively the same with just QOL updates as the style of game we’re going for is reflected with the UI design. But I would consider it to be a prototype in its current state as you said.

I really do like your ship designs. Even though they’re minimalistic, I think your team did a really great job designing them.

Best of luck to you, I’m positive this is going to be an amazing game!


Thank you so much for the feedback! We’re really appreciative that the community is enjoying the design style of the game. Feel free to support us by joining our discord server (if you feel like it) where you can suggest new features and ship designs to be added to the game.

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To be honest, It all depends on personal taste when it comes to an issue like this moreover the UI also has to match the theme of the game which in this case I think the UI does a pretty decent job at. If anything all I would recommend changing is the padding for some parts like the objective part of the UI considering the circle is touching every edge or how the Energy part of the UI isn’t aligned with the bottom UI. But overall the UI fits with the game theme.

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It’s fine for the game theme but it’s not fine to look at.

I like the UI very much! The only thing I would have done differently is have the UP / DOWN controls inverted or have a setting for it, unless it’s already planned. I’m looking forward to the finished project!


In what way is it not fine to look at if I may ask? As far as I can see there is nothing that would hurt the eyes or look horrible.

It’s really bland, not having any visible variation.

Anyways, this game looks really cool! As soon as I can, I’m gonna go right out to unmonitored space and hopefully not get instantly demolished. Looking forward to playing it in the future.

This was mentioned already, but I really like the ship designs. In the screenshot, the ship I was flying had transparent wings, which is a pretty cool design choice.

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Wow the game feels amazing, i do like the UI but i dont know anything about GUIs in general i just can say that i, for one, like it. I would recommend as someone else did that you allow to set the vertical control to inverted because it’s a classic for space sandboxes.
Also ships look great, cant wait to blow things up with them, or mine asteroids!, heck they look so good i would be excited to collect space garbage with them even lol.

As a small aspiring dev, I have a question about the community you built and the question is “How?”. I’m developing a zombie shooter that i want to do in a “community driven development” way but i have no idea how to start building a community, so any pointers on how did you start it would be very appreciated. Thank you, and i will fav the game to be up to speed with the updates!

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Well our development team had a lot of connections with smaller clan based groups on Roblox and we mainly recruited them to our community to check out the games progress. This obviously probably isn’t very effective for all, but it worked for us.

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Haha yes lol. Since I am very busy right now I haven’t had much time to go back through and revise a lot of the UI, but after we release all of our warfare items I will be starting on the UI once again.

Oh that helps a lot though, at least gives me an idea how to do networking to recruit players for my game later. Thank you so much!

No problem, glad to help. (characterlimittttttt)

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