Project - Nation of Thevi

Nation of Thevi

tldr; at the moment this is a voluntary job, payment will be discussed for the future by robux or ingame payment (subject to change) please read below.

Table of Contents
Section 1: Information
Section 2: Project Proposal
Section 3: Current development
Section 4: Why we need you, what positions and jobs we have open
Section 5: Payments

Section 1 ~ Information

The Nation of Thevi was founded December 8th 2020 and has been actively worked on throughout the past few months. As of now, Thevi is more of a dictatorship opposed to a democracy. This isn’t preferable as democracy is the ultimate goal that we are trying to achieve in Thevi. That being, it will stay that way until we are able to get more members. The opportunities in Thevi are endless, roleplay as a civilian, law enforcement officer, enlist in the armed forces, become employed in private businesses, or start your own business, interested in federal government? Begin your political career. The terrain architecture of Thevi is unique and unlike any other, Thevi is a medium sized wealthy nation that is based on two long islands parallel to each other, connected by 2 main bridges, separated by a beautiful channel that can service military, law enforcement, and civilian vessels.

Section 2 ~ Project Proposal

In this project we are looking for around 2 developers to have map access, road design, structural design, misc. We are looking for up to 8 contractors for asset development (weapons, boats, buildings, etc) Contractors will not have map access. Our proposal here is to create a realistic and unique environment like no other, as stated above. Thevi will be an organized Nation with a functioning and realistic government and economy.

Section 3 ~ Current Development

This document includes a few pictures and videos of our current development. Easier viewing access from our discord server which is located at the top of the document.

Current assets being worked on/finished
• LPSI (Law & Public Safety Institute)
• Civilian Vehicles (2/10 estimated) (Finished/Working on)
• Government Protection Vehicles (Finished)
• Firearms (New system 3rd/1st person compatibility, (main system finished, fitting guns)
• Main map terrain (Finished)
• Roadmap/Structure (Working on/tbd)
• Armed Forces Base (10% Tbd)
• National Police HQ (tbd)
• National Intelligence Service HQ (tbd)
• Business zone (tbd)
• Residential zone (tbd)
• Federal zone / government / capitol (tbd)
• National Park Service HQ / National Park (tbd)
• Federal Prison (tbd)
• Boat Dock / Car Dealership (tbd)
• More to be discussed

Section 4 ~ Why we need you, what positions and jobs we have open

As stated above, general information has been given already. This is a simple and organized diagram of how positions will operate, etc.

Map Access Developers

Road development
Structural developers & misc jobs

Contractors / Asset Developers


Section 5 ~ Payments

As of now, these positions are voluntary, however payment will be given and will be an option in the future once the game brings in revenue. I have had lots of previous managements & financial business experience in the past.

Payments follow up with the amount of work you do for us, you will be payed through the revenue that the game brings to us. Putting more effort and detail into your work, makes the game look better, bringing in more players, bringing in more money. If you have any concerns or questions about this method please feel free to privately message me.


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