Project Nychthemeron: Music Review


Welcome, once again, to another post of music. This time in relation of a solo project. Apparently, I have had a lot of right angles to take which ended up this way instead. Thus, leaving those frozen indefinitely/scrapped and its assets being re-used for something else. If you ever wonder where I have been all these days, I have my own responsibilities and university to take care of.


This song was made in 3/4 time signature(and if I reckon the key, it was C minor). I don’t remember exactly what the source of inspiration was, but it was extremely mixed. I think Made in Abyss soundtrack caught my attention during that week of production. Isolated and hollow, but hope is ahead.

As a follow-up of Procyon, I made Vega. In exploration of different time signatures, I tried 7/8 and put the key in A minor. The key to choose was somewhat indecisive, but finally was decided that it will be A minor for a number of carefully made decisions. Shining with a forward momentum of optimism.

What are the plans?

As of now, the ideas are a blank canvas with meaningless splotches of paint… figuratively. That is the only description I can throw to describe the project. All the details are mostly abstract and they have a fluid correlation between, meaning that a few details can be unrelated the first day and somewhat core to the concept the next. I am not certain on how this will hold up, but we will see as the future is perhaps brighter than yesterday.


Bangers once again. Nice job with Vega, the 7/8 time signature sounds really natural. Also, the piano fits really well with the pads. The mix is really clean too. Might wanna trim the tail of silence though.
Overall, really nice job. Me like