Project : Nyctophilia [RELEASED]

Good day everyone :grinning:

Today marks my one year using Roblox studio. Therefore I decided to release my project game which contains the best of my skills/knowledge so far using Roblox studio. I am mostly a builder but I have of course implemented several scripts to the game to make it rather interesting. I hope everyone enjoys it as I do and if you got any feedback to say you can always reply through this post.

link to the game : Nyctophilia


Though it looks really good, I feel in the first area with the rope bridge there could be something hanging from the ceiling, large chains, lanterns, vines, roots, just anything to fill that giant empty space (maybe even fireflies?)


i remember coming here on march 22, canโ€™t wait to play the finished project!

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Thatโ€™s a great idea I love it! I am currently adding some fireflies. Thanks for the feedback.