Project Paris Feedback | W.I.P

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?

As some of you may have seen, I’m currently working on a project called “Project Paris”, where my goal is to recreate a miniature version of the city of Paris. So far, I have finished two main buildings, which are:

  • The Montparnasse Tower
  • The Eiffel Tower

I’d like some feedback on both of them, and maybe some ideas as well of any specific buildings you’d like to see on my project!

Thanks for reading, and here are the pictures:


AWESOME!! This is literally greaat!

How long did it take?

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Très agréable! Looks great

How much do you plan on doing?

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Nice buildings! Both look very well made.

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Thank you! The Montparnasse Tower took me 3 hours and a half while the Eiffel Tower took me 5 days!

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Merci beaucoup! I plan on building basically the whole city, of couse in a smaller scale