Project Runescape Collaboration

I followed the “Collaboration Guide” LOL here it is first off i’ve loved the game Runescape for a while and wish to form a partner for not only this game but for other projects in future, I basically need to find my other half.

Skills you need:
Mesh Creation

Extra Skills: (Thanks Mistertitanic44)
Very active (Don’t want to work with a bum)

Readers have to ask you about the incentive instead of you providing it outright
Your incentive
45% of all Sales + Other Project Collaborations + Group Project (Credit and stuff)

What do I get?
-No I don’t get 55% I get 45% just like you 10% will go to extra stuff such as animation cost and graphics, sounds, advertising any other expenses any time we get 100,000 robux from the 10% inside group we will each split 45% and keep the 10% again inside the group.

Instead of showing you right away considering I’m not sure where i’d like to place the game i’ll let you know what i’ve worked on a Banking System, Inventory System, Wield Weapons and Equipment Selection, Advanced drag and drop placement for bank + inventory and placement swapping. You have all equipment slots from runescape including rings gloves and boots.

About Marketing Easy I know everything it takes to get you rich and your name out there real quick I literally advertise for fun everyday.

I have the ideas of this game plus many more games in which i’ll disclose if you become part of this project (We’re talking millions of robux)

Whats my incentive for making the game? Most people would be thinking oh of course its money, however for me its more about the fact that i love the game Runescape and Roblox and think if I brought Runescape to Roblox we can show the other users the enjoyment of it. This project consist of a lot of work and dedication and only a passionate unique individual would be able to work with me on it.

Now I know people are like well enyahs why would I wanna work with you everyone hates you. This is true a lot of developers do hate me however the Roblox community loves me and if you get to know me better u might to so why not bother to Collaborate with my programming knowledge, ideas, and marketing skills we can go from the bottom to the Top real quick and bring Roblox to a whole new level.

my twitter

#GoodGuyEnyahs :slight_smile:

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Finding one person with all those skills is uhh… pretty rare. I dont know anyone with all those skills.
I think you could get more offers by splitting it up.

Animation and thumbnails should be separate.

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Thanks bro I fixed it plus i made it clear that we need to use some of our profits to pay for extra things that we both lack skills in :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

Wow you’re still working on this? I remember back like two years ago scripting things for you for a similar game :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah i stopped cause i was still considering if it was worth my time to make it on Roblox. Lol cause i know c++ python and all these other languages i could make a real game i just don’t know if i wanna deal with the responsibilities of it while on Roblox it’s a little bit easier.

I think the issue is that the developers with all of the skills listed (especially the very active ‘skill’) make their own games. I’m pretty well rounded and I know / have met many developers who are also rounded in all aspects and we all make our own games. I don’t think it’s as rare as you think. It’s mostly an issue of getting a developer like this to collaborate.


Lol im horrible at using blender but at least roblox allows us to import models to blender :smiley:

This sounds like a cool concept, but would be 10x as cool if you didn’t call it “Project Runescape” and if you didn’t base the map directly off of Runescape, since this just makes it look like a ripoff to me. Is the only gimmick to this game that it’s a Runescape clone, or are you planning to make a contribution to gameplay values yourself?


But i like Runescape map remakes :c

Project Runescape is just a temporary name and the game will be similar to the actual runescape however the builder is given full creative ability. Now that we keep that in mine its a mixture of Roblox community, blocky feel, with runescape. now i made an example of tutorial island that I was working on and i plan to keep it if I don’t find someone to work with i specifically avoided the use of roofs in it since it was click to walk which i might be able to allow back in but i felt it was something not truly needed. Gameplay well you remember how unturned is like a mixture of Roblox and apoc. This game is going to be a mixture of Roblox and runescape with unique quests that relate to admins and famous characters on roblox.

It really bothers me when people do things like that. Why not create your own characters that would be timeless instead of, for example, picking “mathchamp” as an NPC, who had a popular game way back when, but now people haven’t heard of them. By using Roblox avatars, you have put a lifetime on your game artificially.


Totally agree. Though it was successful for Pokémon Brick Bronze. I suppose it just needs to be very passive in its execution.

Totally agree, finding a person with the skills listed is like winning the lottery, especially with the ‘active’ trait (if you find someone with this trait to work for you, I envy you).

It’s going to be very difficult to find one person to match the list but, it’s best to have a small team for each task, that way you still pay the same amount but at least you have a realistic chance of assembling a team for the game

I mean if anything i’ll just do it all myself but it’d be nice to work with someone i guess its just more money for me lol

I don’t agree that your putting a lifetime on the game your just putting an age on the npc at most, and although people don’t remember them I do but i plan to add actual famous users. No offence to mathchamp but i’ve never heard of him ever i’m talking about people that you have heard of before such as daxter33. However the challenge is making their character have a medieval theme which is why i was unsure of it.

That’s why I go solo.

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