Project Sas | Marketing

With multiple connections we have sent out numerous amounts of ads across offsite apps and servers. We have started to test out actual roblox in-app ads. Listed below is our marketing budget and plans.

Multiple Video App videos / edits - 20k Robux.
Roblox ads - 60k Robux (2 ads costing 30k each)
In-Game ads (BETA) - 10k Robux
Paid Promo - 10k Robux

We plan on pushing out to multiple communities and audiences via partners. Games that support in-game advertisements like Ad Boards by Caffable we purchase about a weeks worth of ads with said games system.

We pay creators to post on offsite apps promoting our game and explaining it to push it out to others.

Edits have grown games a lot, so we have decided to add edits to the budget list. Editors are paid around 1-2k Robux with tax for each video they create.