Project Sound from a Part to Throughout the Game


I made a script where when I click a part, a bell chime sound plays. The problem is that the sound only plays in the immediate proximity of the part, and it is hard to hear the sound in other areas of the map.

I want the sound to project throughout the whole map, so how can I accomplish this?

This is in the wrong section, but all you have to do is increase the RollOffMaxDistance property of the sound file, to the distance in studs you want it heard from where it originates.

There is a plugin which actually shows you the max and min distance visually:

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Thanks, I’ll try it. Also, sorry for putting it in the wrong spot.

It doesn’t seem to be working. There were 2 RollOff… categories but neither worked, I even set the stud movement to 20,000.

If your script is a local script it will play the sound only to you… and wont be heard from a distance to the sound object… instead u will have to have the sound in the workspace.