Project: Underground - Plans for the Future

Hello all.

I am working on a game called Project: Underground. I have a lot planned for it and I want to share it all with you. Here is what will be discussed.

  • Cars
  • Visual Customisation
  • Performance Upgrades and Tuning
  • Races
  • Map
  • Getting Started

Up to 75+ cars will be available from the launch of the game. More cars will be added by frequent updates to the game. Some cars need to be unlocked for example by reaching a certain level, finding it or buying it from a gamepass. The majority of cars are FREE.

By the full release, most cars will have customisation options available, ranging from bumpers, skirts, spoilers, paints and liveries, interior and even plates. All cars will have performance tuning available by full release as well. Full car list can be found here: Project: Underground - Confirmed Car List and Other Car Info

Visual Customisation
You will be able to visually modify nearly all vehicles in the game with the exception of bonus cars. To visually customise a car, drive over to one of the Bodyshops located around the map, marked with a green spotlight outside. Drive up to the entrance to enter it. You will be presented with a wide range of options to visually change your car. Options include:

  • Front Bumpers
  • Rear Bumpers
  • Side Skirts
  • Rear Spoilers
  • Bonnets
  • Exhausts
  • Plates
  • Widebody Kits
  • Custom Rear Spoilers (coming with a later update)
  • Custom Fender Flares (coming with a later update)
  • Rim Decals
  • Paints
  • Decals
  • Interior Decals
  • Seats
  • Steering Wheels
  • Roll Cages
  • Window Tint
  • Ride Height

These customisation options are purely cosmetic and provide no performance advantages. The options can completely change the looks of a vehicle which can help create your dream spec vehicle.

Performance Upgrades and Tuning
To make your car drive well, as well as look good, you should invest in performance upgrades and tuning. These can boost the performance levels of your car to help compete with higher end cars, such as those from Tier 4. These upgrades aren’t cosmetic, and only affect the performance. To purchase upgrades and tune your car, drive over to one of the many Performance Shops located around the map. They are marked with a blue spotlight outside. Drive up to the entrance to enter the shop. You will be met with lots of options. These options include:

  • Engine (These are essential to a good build. Engine upgrades increase your car’s horsepower.)

  • ECU (These upgrades modify your car’s computer chip to increase performance, from things like adding a advanced performance chip and removing the top speed limiter.)

  • Suspension (Suspension helps improve the handling of your car by eliminating understeer and oversteer, essentially creating a perfect balance.)

  • Transmission (These are essential to not bottleneck your car’s potential. These upgrades make your gears shift smoother and quicker for slicker shifts. Upgrades include: Clutch, Gearbox, Gear amount from 4 to 10 gears.)

  • Tires (If you have plenty of power, you need good tires to help put that power down, and maintain grip. Upgrades include: Tire Compounds, Tire Width.)

  • Brakes (You’ll need better brakes for faster cars. Upgrade your brakes to a lighter, more efficient set to cut down braking times and increase your lap times.)

  • Weight Reduction (A lighter car performs better than a heavier one. Take out unecessary items from your car, and replace items to cut down the weight. Having a lighter car also prevents understeer. Upgrades include: Remove Rear Seats, Remove Spare Tire.)

  • Turbo / Supercharger (A Turbo / Supercharger kit is a good way to add horsepower. Upgrades include: Single Turbo, Twin Turbo, Single Supercharger, Twin Supercharger.)

  • Nitrous (Nitrous adds a Nitrous Oxide system to your car that can be operated at anytime for a temporary speed boost.)

  • Conversions (These can completely alter the characteristics of your car. Conversions include: Carbon Fibre Body Panels, Sequential Transmission / Paddle Shift Transmission, Engine Swaps and Drivetrain Swaps.)

Tuning Note that tuning will come in a later update
Tune your car’s parts to fit your driving style and performance goals. Tuning includes:

  • Suspension Tuning - Damping, Stiffness, Camber

  • Transmission Tuning - Gear Ratios, Final Drive

  • Tire Tuning - Tire Grip

  • Aerodynamics Tuning - Front Aerodynamics, Rear Aerodynamics

  • Brakes Tuning - Front / Rear Bias, Braking Pressure

Combining Performance Upgrades and Tuning gives you the feel and performance you want for your car. This should allow fully upgraded and tuned Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 vehicles to compete with each other and compete with a maxed out Tier 4.

To add more fun to the gameplay, adding races would be great. Confirmed modes are:

  • Circuit (A simple looping track with laps)
  • Sprint (A point to point race)
  • Drag (A simple straight line to the finish, you may need to move lanes to avoid crashing into obstacles, time your shifts, and redlining for too long will total your car)
  • Drift (Slide in style for the most points)
  • Street X (A tight, technical circuit track with laps)
  • Extreme Nitrous (Nitrous is infinite and nitrous effect is doubled, can be used in any other mode except Drift.)
  • Tournament (Can be a knockout tournament or a regular tournament, win the most races and earn the most points to win.)

The map is crucial to making a driving game. So we are working hard on making it good. The map will include but will not be limited to:

  • 1 Large City at the centre of the map
  • 1 Large Mountain Pass Touge Course
  • A Harbour
  • A large Highway connecting all the districts in the game, it will have lots of straights, allowing you to max out your car’s top speed.
  • An Airport

Getting Started
Upon starting the game, players will be first loaded into the Tier 1 Car Lot. This will allow them to buy their starter vehicle, which has a wide range. Players can then race to level up and unlock more cars in Tier 1, or keep upgrading their starter vehicle to win more races and unlock Tier 2. The player then has a choice of sticking with their starter vehicle and upgrading it further, or buying a Tier 2 vehicle. Players will unlock more performance upgrades as time goes on, which can boost your car’s performance levels to compete with Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 vehicles. Eventually, you will unlock Tier 3. The player can stick with their current car or upgrade to a Tier 3 vehicle. Race some more, and you will unlock Tier 4, alongside Engine Swapping, which is the near-endgame. Players can engine swap and upgrade their current car further to the top, or buy a Tier 4 car. Players can race until they reach Level 50, which is the end-game of Project: Underground. Players will unlock the “Marathon” Race (which is a long race around the whole map), and must complete it to finish the game, view the credits, and unlock the Game Completion badge. Upon finishing this race and viewing the credits, the player will be sent back to their house, where a line-up of new vehicles unlock, given to those whom are the best racers. From here, there’s still lots that players can do. Players can take their cars to the max, by buying all the best upgrades and parts, they can buy all the vehicles they would ever want, race even further to get onto the leaderboards, complete all the quests, and simply play at your own pace as time goes by.

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