Projectile Compensation? (fastcast)

Alr np thx for help I’ll figure it out

So would the hit detection.

Note that ‘replicating the knife’s position’ is the exact same as how the client replicates their character’s postion to the server. A player’s character is always 2 LU behind for other clients.

Here’s the actual system using my ideas:

Client creates and throws knife, 0 LU
Client sends signal to server to replicate knife visually, (1 LU, 2 LU for other clients (Does not halt the procedure)).
Client’s knife hits something and calls hit, 1 LU
Server tells other client to take damage/die, 1 LU

The problem is that while yours adjusts for latency, it also means the the direction of the thrown knife is a whole latency unit behind. Nobody wants a gun that doesn’t shoot where you point it, or having to calculate for latency when throwing a knife.

Like I mentioned earlier, the delay is with the aim. It’s not just calculating where a moving target will be, it’s also calculating where you were aiming 1 LU ago.

From earlier, you could use the visual knife created by the server for sanity checks. By the time a client sends a hit, it should be roughly lined up with where the knife on the server would be. The knife that is 1 LU behind is given hit information 1 LU behind as well.

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How do you accommodate for the latency when simulating the knife movement for the other clients? Would need to ‘skip’ the knife ahead to ensure the hit time is the same I presume.

Think of it like this, we have a client that throws the knife. Everything is perfect for them.

A remote event is fired telling the server to tell the other clients to re-create the thrown knife, which would cost 2 units of latency from the two remotes fired.

Currently, the server is one LU behind, and the other clients are 2 LU behind. This might sound bad, but then you have to consider the time it takes for the client to tell the server it hit something, and then for the server to tell the other clients they got hit.

If you were to skip ahead, you’d actually behind AHEAD by a couple LU’s. So if you were on the recieving end of a knife throw, you’d be hit, but it would take a moment for the knife to do damage on your screen.

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