Projectile doesn't shoots right

Hello, i need to help with projectile that shoots weird
When i shoot straight, it’s normal, but when i rotate gun and shoot, it’s kinda broken.

“here’s video and sorry about my english”

as you can see, the projectile rotates, but doesn’t goes right
Projectile script:

while wait() do
script.Parent.Position +=,0,0)
(yeah, script is basicly easy, but i didn’t know how to fix this and do this)

Help me please :frowning:

you are always going to go in + -.7 in the x axis direction

you need to have checks to determine which way it needs to go so if you rotate it right, do,0,.7) for example

What if… it’s going to be tool

I wanted to make like rpg (without using mouse, just clicking)

You can use either linear Velocity or Velocity for this
but basically you don’t need a while loop

script.Parent.LinearVelocity = Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame.LookVector * 200 -- Number is speed
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