Projectile hit detection

So a server script tells the client where the start and end position for the projectile are the color of it and so on, if the projectile hits something it checks if it has a humanoid if it does it fires a remote event to deal damage add effects etc. The problem is when the are 5 players and all of them load the projectile all of them fire the hit remote it deals 5 lots of damage so what would originally be 5 damage is now 25. I was wondering what would be a better way to deal damage do I use a ray on the server script to see if it hits? and keep the client just for visuals. But I want it to be in sync my projectiles take a few seconds to get to there destination I don’t want them to be half way there and it’s already done damage. If anyone has any experience on this please reply. :wink:

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I have had success using FastCast with this kind of thing. You seem to want to have projectiles rendered on the client, so this tutorial may be of use to you if you intend to use FastCast.