Projectile system with Prediction

So I’m currently trying to make a projectile system with a curve system and It would have a feature where it show a prediction path similar to the game named “BedWars”.

I’ve made some code for the projectile and the curve system [They’re not that great] but couldn’t get my hands on the prediction system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

function module.Shoot(Position1, Position2, ObjectName)

	local Direction = Position2 - Position1
	local Duration = math.log(1.001 + Direction.Magnitude * 0.01)

	Position2 = workspace.pos.Position+ workspace.pos.AssemblyLinearVelocity * Duration
	Direction = Position2 - Position1

	local Force  = Direction/Duration +, game.Workspace.Gravity * Duration * 0.5,0)

	local Object = ObjectsThrown:FindFirstChild(ObjectName):Clone()
	Object.Parent = workspace
	Object.Position = Position1 

	Object:ApplyImpulse(Force * Object.AssemblyMass)

I believe they are using a beam, and positioning a attachment to where the projectile is going to end by using math.

Yeah. They are using a beam but that’s not the problem. The problem is how did they do the math?

The math part is complicated, just use your current formula.

I recommend running checks and positioning the attachment where it lands, might not be the best method, but get’s the job done.

The math has already been done before


Seems to work fine. One question though is there a possible way to not let the physics change the Orientation of the object? I want to add an Orientation tween for the gift.

Any help is appreciated!