Projectiles Making Movement not visible

When shooting projectiles the user’s movement cannot be seen by other player until the circles behind him despawns.

I made these moves based of a character named Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night.

My theory is that I somehow mixed client sided with server sided but the only thing my local scripts do is fire remote event and get mouse position,the circles positioning and projectiles is all on server sided.

Local Script:

ServerScript(Not full but if you need me to send full script tell me):

Video Of Problem:

Please paste the full server script here and format it.

I don’t think it’s the script issue, but more of the ping issue. Does your friend see you moving on their view when you were moving and firing the bullets?

No he does not,it happened to him too.

I even switched servers and got my alt in and tested again.
It was the same,when I shoot the alt cant see the movement.

Could it be a Roblox bug?I am not really sure whats the problem in my script.

The thing I did to kinda make this work is that I remove the weld constraints.
It worked perfectly fine now just that it won’t stick to player’s back.
I am fine with it

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Hey I have a question. How did you get your projectiles to move?

I used body velocity to move the projectile and then change the orientation when shot.(depend on the mouse I got from the local script)

I solved this problem already.

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Thank you a lot! May I have tips on hit detection? What should I use?

for the hit detection i used touch or something like that

local Hits = {}
if Hit.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) then
if Hit.Parent.Name == player.Name then
if Hits[Hit.Parent.Name] then

        Hits[Hit.Parent.Name] = true



You should try region3 hit detection

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It’s pretty good even though it’s deprecated

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