Hi there this is my second time making a post on the Dev forum. Here is some screenshots of my models. Two models are not mine and will be credited.

The gramophone is not mine and was uploaded by
These are discs meant to be turned into elemental gems such as fire, ice, lightning and wind.

The staffs are below this sentence
The Staff of Wind

The Staff of Ice

The Staff of Lightning

The Staff of Fire

These are wonder weapons meant to help you get to higher rounds in the game

Here is the main source of power meant to unlock parts of the map that need to be powered.

There will be 6 of them that will be spreaded throughout the map

There are three shield parts meant to help protect your back incase a zombie is to hit you from your blind spot

The mini boss is the Panzer Soldat that is heavily armored. This model was not created by me and was created by XxrockatackxX.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I appreciate any feedback or criticism


It looks strange, I’m sorry. Nothing seems to fit in place, and the elemental gems look more like records.

Try getting rid of the skybox and changing the baseplate. Some of the models you’ve made look great though.


There’s a lot of great ideas but, it’s just not flowing well for me. It’d probably make more sense to me if you included what the general idea was. And honestly, the shield back parts look awkward just hanging on a Robloxian’s back. I like how the panzer and shield parts create sort of a steampunk look though. Instead of trying to fit a ton of great ideas into one project you should try going either of the two ways: Steampunk world with zombies or elemental staff battlegrounds or something, it’s completely up to you.


It seems like the themes are all over the place. There are stone structures with neon lights, record discs supposed to be elemental gems, mechanical-style structures/ machines, and mechs… They dont seem very consistent with eachother at all.

Here are some questions I would ask myself if I was working on this…

Why do discs turn into elemental gems, and how do they relate to the rest of my builds?
How do my staff weapons tie into mech suits and mechanical power sources?
How do neon lights tie into stone pedestals and mechanical contraptions?

To make this more consistent, I would suggest having a main theme that slightly fluctuates. Maybe you could focus on the music discs, or the mechanical aspect… the choice is yours.

Otherwise, nice models!

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