Promo-Codes: The Next Revolutionary Change to the ROBLOX Marketplace

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create clothing, game passes, etc. and then incentivize said products with proven marketing techniques. All that is at our disposal is advertisement.

There is so much more to marketing though. Sales, coupons, promo-codes, and an array of other smaller features to make the purchase of products more… desirable. Not only that, but it would further the blend between the ROBLOX marketplace and the gaming aspect of ROBLOX.

With things like promo-codes you can accomplish quite a bit. Here is a great example:

You operate a society-style group with a civilian and military aspect, and you would like there to be a military discount on certain options. Solution: Have an in-game vendor that checks the rank of the player in the group, and then that vendor applies a string that you selected to be your promotion code to the in-game purchase- No doubt something random and hard to guess so that your precious military discount is exclusive - and your mission is effectively accomplished.

What does this do in this situation? It incentivizes place revenue, it incentivizes group activity, and it incentivizes marketplace activity.

Normally one would have to advertise a place, advertise a group, and advertise clothing all separately. However with one simple feature - promo codes - you create the potential for so much more if you use it properly.


This is actually a great idea. I give it my support.

This can easily be done by using in game/outergame purchases and the advertisement system.

You can easily code in game promotions as well as mesage players with HTML using a bot if I’m not mistaken.

If by promo code you mean something else then idk.
It’s something that’s quite doable right now on Roblox.

Very easily achievable on in-game purchases using DevProducts right now.

Yes, this is achievable using developer products… but literally nothing else.

You can’t do this with gamepasses, shirts, paid access games or any other tangible website asset.


But it’s still not a full API, and we shouldn’t have to set up a complicated 3rd party system to achieve this.

There are a lot of use cases that aren’t possible with this.



Most people buy in game to begin with though? I can understand the paid access portion but everything else can easily be done within the game just inform players that they can get a discount if they buy in game.

Would be a nice web feature if possible as well now that I think about it though.

Still quite possible at the same time though lol XD

I support this, this is definitely a step in the right direction for both the consumers and the players.