Promote my game, I don't know how nowadays

My last game, it did not increase the number of players no matter what I did, I even invested 30k in advertising, which did not help much, and then the next day with a ridiculous ad of 5k, which was very strange with a 3.28% of clicks, reached a peak of about 200 players, and these days it is staying at more than 100 without advertising and for a reason that I do not know. Where do these players come from? Is there any efficient way to bring more people?

I would say it was thanks to the thumbnail and icon I ordered, but I’m still not sure about it.

If you want to increase number of players in your game you can advertise it
And you can ask low viewers streamers to play your game so that other players also join your game

3.28% isn’t a bad percentage. There are more efficient methods of keeping/gathering players but a majority of them require a fair amount of experience in terms of marketing. There’s not really a low-cost alternative to advertisements, sadly.

What you’re doing seems to work. Just make sure you’re only running ads once or twice a week and even if you don’t necessarily profit the first day, as long as you make your money back the next day then you may likely earn more than you would have that week if you hadn’t ran ads.

Just make sure your not losing all your robux and that your game is able to earn it back and profit every week. This will also grow your community. Getting 200 concurrent the day you run ads is expected and every day afterwards you’ll see that dimishish slightly, but 100 from no ads if because of your ads the day before, and trust me a lot of games see 0-10 players the day after they run ads and those ones don’t really seem worth continuing.

Front page games put hundreds of thousands of robux into well strategic marketing and using social media connections to grow. Working on getting better at this myself but this will put you on the right track. Networking is important and I’m learning that a lot lately.

And 3.28 is a great percentage btw, oh and tycoons always do well if they’re marketed even slightly well. Once I strayed from tycoons things became much more difficult and haven’t been going to well. Your thumbnail and icons directly correlate how many people click on and play your game. Just run ads every time you have a marketer update. Include a code system if you don’t have one already and put those codes in the ads.

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3.28% is crazy good with that one ad, from my experience tycoons usually have a decently high playtime and good retention, the thumbnail probably did help as well because it does look good

Your game currently has 400+ players, was this from running ads?

it is being kept like this only for days, the reason why I do not know. although it generates quite little profit approximately 50,000 visits about 10,000 robux.

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