Promoting game successfully

I’m about to launch my new upcoming game and I’d like to know the best way possible so I can ensure a smooth release.

I have a budget of around 50k and I’m planning to spend 99 percent, if not all of it, on sponsors(if there is a better option please let me know)

My questions are, is 50k enough to get more than a few concurrent players? and is sponsoring the right way to go when trying to release a new game?

I’d hope that my game would also appear on the sponsored category, Is it where the more robux you spend the higher the chance that your game would appear on the sponsored category? or if I were to spend 200 robux sponsoring would It still appear on the sponsored category?

Any other tips on how to promote a new game would be very useful to me, thanks.

I would suggest you spending 10K per day with a CPM bid of 0.5-0.9. Anything lower would just be unrealistically passive. Metaphorically, to boil water, you need a short period of 100 degrees, not long periods of lukewarm. Your best shot would be to mass monetise the game to the point that you can make back more than 10K daily by the end of the campaign. Don’t try to extend the campaign by saving! It doesn’t work.

So I should go all in and run a 10k a day sponsor across 5 days? Do you also have a recommended day that I should release? I’m planning to release on a Thursday because Friday, Saturday and Sunday I might get outbid.

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Consider releasing near festivals/holidays. Try to aim for a national holiday somewhere outside of the US, this way you can ride the flow without needing to compete with the big bidders. If there are none then Monday to Friday should probably be the most optimised.

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