Promotional Code Plugin

Hi! I see that many Promo Code Plugin Makers don’t really work, so I made a free plugin for ya’all that allows you to make promo codes! Please follow the video below to learn how to use it!

Plugin Link:

Tutorial Video: (File size was too big)

Development Roadmap:

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the plugin! Please leave feedback below on bugs and how I can improve. Also, let me know if I should make an Official Discord Server to support the plugin.


Thanks this plugin was really helpful in my game!


Thanks! If you have any feedback, let me know!

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To be honest, this is very handy for developers who want Promo Codes in their games for perks or prizes!

My hat is off to you! :tophat:


Thanks! If you have suggestions for a new update, let me know!

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The plugin is currently being re-written, and should be out within the next few days!


Attention! Version 2.0 will be out this week! New UI, more features :wink:

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