Prompt Bundle Purchase

As a developer, it is currently not possible to prompt a user to purchase a bundle.
An example bundle: Davy Bazooka - Roblox

There are similar API’s that allow developers to prompt users to make other purchases.

The PromptPurchase API already allows for developers to prompt a user to safely purchase assets, even if they are made by another user or Roblox. Since a bundle is just a collection of assets, I don’t believe that there is any fundamental change to the platform if this feature were available.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would allow me to sell not just individual assets in my experiences, but also bundles of assets. This would allow developers to recreate more of the functionality that is currently found on the platform catalog, and bring it into the 3d experience.

There are many assets in the Roblox catalog that can only be bought through bundles. Attempting to sell assets related to an experience is limited when some assets are only attainable through bundles. This is especially true considering almost all BodyAssets are parts of a bundle.

This would even be a useful update in the Roblox created resource Merch Booth Dev Module




Roblox already has a PromptBundlePurchase method (as mentioned above by metatablecat) but it is unfortunately not enabled for devs to use in-game yet. However, last month an admin did mention that they are working on it so hopefully it’ll be enabled soon! (See their post below)

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