Prompt Join Group

Is there a way to prompt a player to join a specific group?
I haven’t found anything in the API reference for something like that, so I’m assuming not.

If that’s the case, what might be the best way to direct somebody towards the group, especially if the game they’re playing is not being hosted by the group you wish to prompt them to join?

It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a way to prompt an approved url either (such as a Roblox webpage).


Just make a gui stating the link or something

I was thinking about that, but I’m a bit worried about mobile users

There are ways to scale them. You can either use AnchorPoint or offset

Oh I see, with the link. Well there’s really no way to do that besides making them leave.

Sadly, you cannot prompt for groups at this time, which would be an interesting feature to add in a future update. If a feature poll comes out, maybe suggest that.

It shouldn’t affect gameplay, I mean look at Boho Salon… they had hundreds of thousands of group members in their salon game (Not all of them were botted…) so you should be fine because most people understand.