Prompt users to select a reason for downvoting/upvoting experiences

As a developer, it is currently really hard to accurately determine why users are downvoting or upvoting our games, especially when our ratings change after an update or an advertising campaign.

If users were prompted to select from a number of options for either downvoting/upvoting, and that data were provided to developers, it would make it a lot easier for us to improve our experiences to better serve users.

For example, upon downvoting:

  • Poor Performance
  • Not What I Expected
  • Hostile/Unsafe Environment
  • Inaccurate/Missing Translations
  • Poor Device Controls

Take this UI from the Uber Eats app as reference:


I would really like to see this. Competitive games such as my own especially suffer from like ratios, since users will often down-vote a game over it just being too hard.

Expanding on this post, Roblox should automatically not weigh a down-vote if a user does put a reason such as “too hard” or “not my type of game.” This might improve game sorts as a result.


Definitely like the idea of “trap” or “unfair” dislike reasons that don’t factor your dislike towards the game rating that’s shown on the website and used in sorts. Maybe these kinds of dislikes could be shown to the developer only, so they can see how the technical playability of their game weighs against audience enjoyment.

This is a great idea that takes the idea of dislike feedback and removes the problem of managing a ton of custom user input. Under developer stats, a breakdown of this feedback over a range of time could also be shown since this breaks it all down into tidy buckets.


This is a great idea and would definitely help development. It’s often a complete mystery why some games have low like/dislike ratios, when really it might be something as simple as the game’s controls not working on mobile, but the players have no way to communicate that besides a generic dislike.