Prompted to install Roblox even after client opens

I have noticed on multiple computers now that the launch window is staying open and changing to the “Download and Install Roblox” window, even after the client has already opened. This has been observed on Chrome and Firefox with extensions disabled.

The video just barely catches the end result, here is a screen of what stays in the browser until you exit out of the download and install window.


I’ve always had it like this.


This has been happening for me for the past 3 weeks


I’ve been having this as well for as long as I could remember, months, possibly even over a year. At this point, I’m used to it but it would be wonderful if this could be fixed.

I also don’t see why the “Download and Install Roblox” should even appear if you already have Roblox installed.


This has been happening since the day I joined. How else is it supposed to be?

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I assume there’s supposed to be an API that allows the newly opened Roblox Client to talk back to the webpage that opened it and tell it “hey, I opened!”

The issue with that is that such an API doesn’t exist to my knowledge. Launching a Roblox game is essentially a super long url that the client can parse. That’s why chrome, firefox, etc prompt you whether you want to push that link to the Client application.


I’ve only noticed it the past few weeks. I’m also a new member as of a few weeks ago (coincidence?)

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Been happening to me for years. Even after reinstalls, new Windows, different browsers and a new PC.

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I’ve been having this issue for about five years. After I click Play or Edit, Roblox prompts to download Roblox Player/Studio.

This issue is heavily persistent for me, and continues to happen to this day.