PromptProductPurchaseFinished ended?

I have a question about MarketPlaceService.


Can it made on server?
Because, otherwise how can I secure my remotes.
Basically, when someone buys a product, I fire a remote, and player get cash, how can I secure the remote?
Or as said before, PromptProductPurchaseFinished is fired on server too?

PromptProductPurchaseFinished is depercated. The Developer API states you should use PromptPurchaseFinished instead. Except I guess you have to use it since your’s is a Dev Product?

Thanks for the answer, does it fires on server?

Actually, now I’m a bit confused. Roblox says it’s depercated and says to use PromptPurchuseFinished except that says use PromptProductPurchuseFinished for Dev Products. Let me do some digging.

Ok, but does it fires on server?
like the event, can server listen to in?

Ah yes, found what you should be using. You need to use ProcessReceipt.

I would just look into moving into ProcessReceipt since it handles a lot more than PromptProductPurchuseFinished. And I know that will work on the server.

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