PromptPurchase items not getting 10% commission back in pending sales when buying Roblox-owned items

Today and a few days ago, I tested my promptpurchase feature on a couple of different items (in a game client game on PC, not testing in studio)

I bought these ROBLOX-owned items through promptpurchase on my group game, hoping to get the 10% back in pending sales, but neither of them got me any pending sales or funds back, and I’m not sure why
It started happening 10/9/19 when I first bought Sinister F

I believe this only happens with items created by ROBLOX.

Here are my transaction screenshots:

I believe this feature has always been in place to prevent players from getting discounts on items. They don’t want you to buy an item and get 10% back.

Nope it hasn’t. I used to sell roblox hats ingame and I would make 10% commission. Roblox has removed this feature around 2 months ago without any explanation.

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This would be intentional, particularly because UGC hats are now a thing and they don’t want players stealing away a portion of what the community creators of those items would otherwise get.

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It seems to work perfectly fine with UGC items though!

It just doesn’t work with ROBLOX owned items.

Good to know, clarified in the title here.

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No, it only applies when you buy a roblox-owned hat from your own game. I used to use this method to buy expensive hats when the feature came out.

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I see. But now when other people buy roblox-owned hats in my game I make no commission as well. Roblox preventing people from getting discounts on hats when they buy it in their own place is understandable, but I don’t see why they would remove all commissions.