PromptPurchase no longer works for test accounts when using Local Server test

Starting yesterday (4/18/2024) my team and I noticed that mock purchases for MarketPlaceService’s PromptPurchase no longer function for test accounts during Local Server test and receive an error of Your purchase of {ITEM_NAME} failed because something went wrong, there is no other outputs in the client / server console. Mock purchases seem to function normally when using the solo Play test.

It does not seem to matter what AssetId / AssetType is used.

I’ve also reinstalled Studio and ran without plugins, both to no effect.

Visual Aids:
Normal Play Test -

Local Server Test -

System Information:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
64 GB

Beta Features:
Dragger QoL
Face Capture
Live Animation Creator
Material Generator
Notched Screen Support
Updated Roblox Controls
Upgrade Shorelines

Reproduction Files:
test_purchase.rbxl (53.8 KB)

Expected behavior

Mock purchases for PromptPurchase should function regardless if Studio is in normal Play or Local Server test mode.

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Thanks for the report! Found someone to take a look. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.